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Niagara Fallsview Casino
Niagara Falls

June 23, 2006

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Hot 'Lanta
20 – Done Somebody Wrong
30 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – Old Before My Time
60 – Come and Go Blues
70 – Who's Been Talking
80 – Midnight Rider
90 – The High Cost Of Low Living
100 – Every Hungry Woman
110 – Into The Mystic
120 – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
130 – Encore
140 – One Way Out

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06/24/2006 Thibs

First time I have ever seen the bros confined to only two hours to play, but I guess this was the casino’s mandate to get people gambling instead of experiencing the best live band going today.

I have been a peach head and have attended many shows since 1994. In reading the reviews from the beacon run earlier this year it was evident that new heights are being reached with the band and the comparisons to the 69-71 era are at an all time high. Well I am a believer after Friday’s show.

The band is peaking and the intensity of the songs and the jamming and playing off of another (which is simply flawless) had me sitting there with a smile from cheek to cheek. All of the members of the band are really pushing each other and most importantly look like they are having a blast!

The crowd was dancing and were vocal for a small venue. Standing ovations came after Woman Across the River, Liz Reed as well as a few other songs.

Greg’s “well it just might happen to be your man” in One Way Out (encore) is the best I’ve ever heard his voice.

When the show was over, Greg said “see ya tomorow night”…I’m sure the brothers wanted to play another two hours and I can’t wait to see it tonight to see part 2 of An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band.

06/24/2006 zimbo

I too was at the show.It is a great venue, but it hikes the cost. THEY DIDN`T EVEN HAVE MOLSON OR LABBATT`S AT THEIR LITTLE BAR IN THE BALCONY! I drove all the way to Canada to drink a crappy American rice beer! But enough of that . The show was great pretty much Warren`s night.Drums were AWESOME!!!Thanks to Jaimoe and Derek for saying hello and talking for a few minutes.And as usual I must remind my friends -fans or non fans-that the Allman Brothers Band is indeed THE BEST F-CKING EVER!!! EVER!!! Peace,Zimbo

06/24/2006 davebarrett

This is the first time I have seen the band in a smaller venue (3200 seats) and it gave me a sense of what it must have been like to see the them play venues like the Fillmore in the early 70’s. There was a good cross section of people spanning the generations over the past 37 years and the crowd was enthusiastic. The Band played off their enthusiasm, Gregg even signed a picture a fan brought down to the front of the stage.

I wanted to say something about this venue, this is the first time I have seen the Band where security didn’t hassle the crowd about getting up and dancing, also a bunch of fans walked down to the front of the stage and weren’t told to go and sit down. That combined with the fact there isn’t a bad seat in the place, makes this a great concert venue. I hope the Band makes this a regular stop every year.

It was a good show, solid guitar interplay, the rythym section rocked the whole night. Gregg sounded great. I liked the new funky arrangement for Done Somebody Wrong and One Way Out was played just like they did at the Fillmore in 71. A nice mix of old and new. Here is the setlist:

Hot ‘Lanta
Done Somedody Wrong
Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
Woman Across The River
Old Before My Time
Come and Go Blues
Who’s Been Talking
Midnight Rider
High Cost of Low Living
Every Hungry Woman
Into The Mystic
Elizabeth Reed
Encore: One Way Out

When the show was over Gregg stayed and signed autographs at stage front for almost 25 minutes. Derek and Marc also came out and signed a few and both went into the lobby signed, chatted and posed for pictures with fans. I also saw Oteil in the lobby with a group of people around him. When was the last time you saw a Hall of Fame band hang out with fans after a show??

05/16/2006 lpengineer

I am excited to see ABB, I was wondering who was going to be on guitar as well? Could it be Derek, Warren, etc? Mule is playing a free show in Buffalo July 30th at the harbor…

04/20/2006 matty_p

The shows before and after this are with the Derek Trucks band, but this is just listed as “An Evening With…” Will Derek Trucks Band be performing that weekend as well?

Excited for these shows. Right around the same time last year saw DTB and Mule in Buffalo for a weekend of free concerts…