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Plain Dealer Pavilion

June 21, 2006

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10 – Don't Want You No More
20 – It's Not My Cross To Bear
30 – One Way Out
40 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
50 – Rocking Horse
60 – Good Clean Fun
70 – Firing Line
80 – The Sky Is Crying
90 – Instrumental Illness
100 – Midnight Rider
110 – Stand Back
120 – The Weight
130 – Statesboro Blues
140 – Mountain Jam
145 – Encore
150 – No One To Run With

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08/30/2006 Holt

Crow Jane
Sahib Teri Bandi
Memphis Soul Stew
Home In Your Heart
Sailing On
All I Do>7/4 jam
For My Brother
My Favorite Things
I Wish I Knew

06/27/2006 mrasicci

Thanks for Instant Live ABB. It’s frickin’ Awesome!


06/23/2006 hkw590

This show was amazing. The DTB was a solid opener and Derek was warm by the time the ABB came on. They started off right from the get go, but for me the real ignition to the show was #3 One Way Out. After that song Gregg says, “We’ve got a hot one here tonight!” and everyone knew we were in for a good night. Great covers as previously mentioned, especially the weight. The Sky is Crying was sweet because it was stormin and pourin all night long and the band huddled up and decided to play that song to match the moment, the crowd went nuts. I think the meat of the show was around Rocking Horse to Instrumental Illness. Personall I felt Warren Haynes was on fire all night just killin it with his solos. I have heard people say Trucks was the one on fire, as well as Warren. I guess that means they were both on fire! I’m going to have to listen back to my instant live and see if I still feel the same. Anyway, this show was really amazing, and I’m gracious to the band for comin out year after year and rockin! Thanks!

06/23/2006 guitarsrv19

It was one rainy night in Cleveland. The allman brothers put on one hell of a show. Derek Trucks was one of the greatest guitarist i had ever seen in the years and years of going to concerts. Warren Hayes was also amazing. The original members were even greater. They played some cool covers such as The Weight, and The Sky Is Crying. But you cant forget the Moutain Jam…….. wow was it def. the highlight of the show for me.

06/22/2006 danholt

Yeah, I was at this show and it was INCREDIBLE. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough cash with me to buy the Instant Live….will it be available to purchase online at some point? If not, I hope I can find a taper to trade with becuase it was one hot show!

06/22/2006 gregk

this was my 31 st show since 1979,my wifes first, it amazes me how much this band continues to grow musically, how they play off each other is amazing. it was a stormy night in cleveland with thunder lighting and torrential rain which really made it a super cool night, they opened with dont want you no more/ not my cross to bear. highlights of night sky is crying, the weight (arthea franklin version).just a great night of music, if you get a chance to see the brothers you have to see them, also instant live was there, cant beat that.

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