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Allman Brothers Band
Stranahan Theater

July 6, 2005

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Don't Want You No More
20 – It's Not My Cross To Bear
30 – Trouble No More
40 – Every Hungry Woman
50 – Forty-Four Blues
60 – I Walk On Gilded Splinters
70 – Done Somebody Wrong
80 – Soulshine
90 – Egypt
100 – Set II
119 – Wasted Words
120 – Old Before My Time
130 – Firing Line
140 – Woman Across The River
150 – Melissa
160 – Statesboro Blues
170 – Mountain Jam
180 – Encore
190 – Southbound

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07/11/2005 wallyfrench

Hey Joe,

Greetings from an ABB fan from Lansing. I made the 2 hour drive and was pleased to find, for a change, a “fan friendly” venue. Where else can you go outside during intermission have a cigar and a beer then go back in?

I agree with you that the crowd was kind of lame, at least for the first 1/2 of the show. The tune that opened the 2nd set, “Woman across the River” was absolutely blistering. The 25 minute Mountain Jam was just that and it was great.

Overall a good show, met some nice people and the staff at this venue were very friendly.

Please keep in touch if you decide to make it up to Lansing tomorrow or Detroit Aug. 14.

Peace to ya’ & God Bless.

07/08/2005 crazyjoe

For Me, the Toledo show absolutely smoked !! Tiny venue, Butch, Jaimoe, Marc and Oteil seemed like they threw an xtra shovel of coal in the old steam engine, cause they really had the train rollin’. The guitars were just blistering !! Gregg was awsome and seemed to be friendly with the folks in the crowd, on at least 2 occasions during some real smokein’ extended guitar jams, I noticed Gregg turn on His piano stool and just watch for awhile, kickin’ His feet and clappin’ along, seemingly enjoying it almost as much as we were. Lots of smiles all around on the stage. The crowd was a little strange, insisted on sitting the whole way threw, but didn’y hold back the applause and cheers in between songs, seemed very appretiative, Anyway Can anyone add somethin’ or have a different take on things? PEACE TO ALL Joe