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Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre
New York

New York
March 17, 2003

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
20 – Hot 'Lanta
30 – No One To Run With
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – The High Cost Of Low Living
60 – Stand Back
70 – Maydell
80 – Worried Down With The Blues
90 – Every Hungry Woman
100 – Statesboro Blues
110 – End Of The Line
120 – Wasted Words
130 – Done Somebody Wrong
140 – Forty-Four Blues
150 – Firing Line
160 – Midnight Rider
170 – Patchwork Quilt
180 – Instrumental Illness
190 – Encore
200 – One Way Out

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05/15/2003 2old2boogie

I loved Otiel! I meant to give him a complement, ie. Berry Oakley was said to have played lead guitar on bass. 2 bad I was misunderstood – that’s why I’m 2old2boogie!!

04/05/2003 suicidesound

want copy of show.high quality cds of dat recording.would prefer floor recording.have 14th 18,,20,21,25,26,30 for trade.all done 10th row center.sound great. trade only no b and p,s thank you contact me off list

03/24/2003 wavrnr

What a show, would love to hear it again and again. SOMEBODY HELP ME!

03/18/2003 BaldVinny

I was at this show, and I’d have to agree with Dansoxfan (although this is the first time this yankee fan agreed with any Sox fan). Oteil has definetly come into his own as a bass player. Last night proved just that. I commented to a friend of mine how odd it was that there was no extended bass solo last night, even after the drum solo (which was one of the best in recent memory). Instead, there were several songs that allowed Oteil the chance to riff out and come up with some good licks. It wasn’t over kill, and it wasn’t a momentum killer (like his scat solos can be at times). He got to show some of his skill and talent, and in my opinion, it fit in better with the overall sound of the show

03/18/2003 dansoxfan

I was not at this show, so I can’t comment specifically about Oteils’s performance on this particular evening, but to make a comment stating, “Someone should tell Otiel that he’s the bass player, not a lead guitarist.” seems to be way out of line. Oteil is one of the finest bass players around, and has become an integral part of the Allmans sound. If he were to play with any less creativity, he would be shortchanging himself, the band , and the fans. Go Oteil!!!!

03/18/2003 2old2boogie

I just got back from the Beacon! I stopped in to Fairway, and bought and ate a Peach for Peace!

I had a 2nd row seat, all the way at the end, in front of the speakers, on Otiel’s side of the stage. Lucky me, I had great ear plugs. The sound was the best I’ve ever heard. You could hear every musician’s part – the keyboards, the rhythm guitar, each of the drummers, and even all of Gregg’s vocals, and the lyrics too!

They opened with Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’, then Hot ‘Lanta. I lost track, but the first set ended with Statesboro Blues.

The 2nd set ended with “Patchwork Quilt”>”Instrumental Illness”. The encore was “One Way Out.”

The best song of the night for me was “44”, or whatever the correct title is. Other songs played: Stand Back, Every Hungry Woman, the new Wasted Words, with Gregg on organ, End Of The Line, Maydell, Firing Line, Done Somebody Wrong, Midnight Rider, No One To Run With Anymore, Worried Down With The Blues… I can’t think of any more songs, but there may be some.

The drummers should really get a lot more credit than they do – I think even I would sound good with them behind me.

I now have seen Gregg Allman in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s – 4 Decades! I have never seen him smile before (I’ve also never been in the 2nd row before), but he smiled a whole lot, especially at Derek.

Someone should tell Otiel that he’s the bass player, not a lead guitarist. He also plays in his bare feet. Gregg wore glasses occasionally. Jaimo sat at the foot of the stage during the intermission and threw t-shirts into the crowd. Warren has a guitar tech that looks a lot like him. Who were all those people sitting on stage?

I was hoping to hear Layla, but too bad, they didn’t play it.

That’s it from the Upper West Side!