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Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre
New York

New York
March 14, 2003

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10 – You Don't Love Me
20 – Stand Back
30 – Come and Go Blues
40 – Forty-Four Blues
50 – Maydell
60 – Hot 'Lanta
70 – Soulshine
80 – Rocking Horse
90 – Gambler's Roll
100 – Leave My Blues at Home
105 – Set II
110 – Firing Line
120 – Done Somebody Wrong
130 – Hoochie Coochie Man
140 – No One To Run With
150 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
160 – Who's Been Talking
170 – Statesboro Blues
180 – Instrumental Illness
185 – Encore
190 – Layla
200 – Mountain Jam

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03/25/2003 Dunnu

I would love a copy of this show! Somebody let me know what I have to do for a copy,Please. Is that the old Howlin Wolf tune “Who’s Been Talkin” Would love to hear Gregg sing that & “Layla” Wow.

03/17/2003 wsnttme2

Friday the 15th. This Beacon Show will be History. I have been seeing ABB shows since the Time after Duane & Berry Died. I saw Chuck Leavell, Dan Toler, Dickey Betts , Greg , Jaimoe and Butch. I was at the Seven Turns Concerts in 1990 with all the country influence that the Brothers were playing at that time. That was then This is now……… This incarnation of the Brothers is probably the finest of them all next to the original. The only sadness is Dickey Betts and even though I will be seeing him on April 19th at Westbury, While the Current lineup of ABB is on stage you would be hard pressed to think of him. I was at the 14ths and 15ths Show. They seem only to be picking up speed adding songs to the setlist, doing accoustic Melissa, Chugging to Hotlanta or switching to at leat one Gov’t Mule song a night ( Banks of the Deep End or rocking Horse) and mixing in the new album has made this version fo ABB a bluesy hard rock band which is sort of abandoning the Blue Sky, Seven Turns, Sounds for a more heavy Mule sound that is more appealing to a rock and roll audience. The night I was there Butch Trucks actually addressed the audience( First time I hd ever seen that) advising they are going to do a song they have never done before, dedicated and mentioned by name Duane Allman and their mananger Tony Doud and then……… Warren and Derrick Broke into what can only be described as a total shock as Warren broke into the begining licks Derrick and the Domino’s LAYLA and ending with warrens fantastic slide and Gregs keyboard finale of the song).And just when you thought you heard it all, timpanis sounded and the concert ended with of all tunes the 30 minute eat a peach classic Mountain Jam. !!!! my God. And to top everthing off the next night on the 15th a song written totally by Dickey Betts which I never thought Id ever hear the Brothers play again was the last song before encore ” IN MEMORY OF ELIZABEH REED” !!!!! These shows not only leave nothing to the imagination but people will be talking about them for years to come. Best of all they have only played 4 nights so far. What is in Store for the rest of the nights, Blue Sky, Dimples, Crazy Love, maybe even Duane’s Tune. AND EVEN SEVEN TURNS??. IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THEM YET AT THE BEACON YOU GOTTA , A SURPRISE EVERY NIGHT. I Still have 2 more shows Tuesday the 18th and Saturday the 22 but at thsi rate I might check out 2 more the 25th and 30th. which is the last night. In closing a true Peachead will not be disappointed.

Soulshine is better then sunshine, moonshine and Damn sure better than rain. (Warren Haynes)

And as far as the Brothers ‘ They have still 2 strong legs and even Wings to FLY!!( Greg Allman)

03/15/2003 floyzephend


03/15/2003 tcndbud

went thurs.-how was fri!