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Allman Brothers Band
Alltel Pavilion

North Carolina
August 24, 2002

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Don't Want You No More
20 – It's Not My Cross To Bear
30 – Trouble No More
40 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
50 – Worried Down With The Blues
60 – Black Hearted Woman
70 – Stand Back
80 – The High Cost Of Low Living
90 – The Same Thing
100 – with Ben Ellman on Sax, James van de Bogert, drums
110 – Come and Go Blues
120 – Desdemona
130 – Woman Across The River
140 – You Don't Love Me
150 – w/ Audley Freed, guitar & Stantin Moore, drums
170 – Rocking Horse
172 – Good Clean Fun
174 – Instrumental (untitled)
180 – Southbound
190 – with Ben Ellman on Sax, Audley Freed, guitar & Stantin Moore, drums
200 – Encore
210 – Whipping Post

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08/24/2006 Holt

Happy Burday to Oteil!

Playing this show today!

08/27/2002 nickgregory

Correct, Good Clean Fun should replace Firing Line and an Instrumental was between Fun and Southbound (i.e. Firing Line was not played).

08/27/2002 crowesmule

Finally made it out to my first Allman Brothers show, and I wasn’t disappointed. Unfortunately I didn’t see the acoustic set by Warren but I did see Galactic and felt like they played a solid set, really liked them a lot. If you like Galactic’s style of music, I would definitely say for you to check out Karl Densen’s Tiny Universe.

I could tell from the opening notes from Warren’s and Derek’s guitars that I would be in for a great night. They started around 8:40 or so with Don’t Want You No More > It’s Not My Cross To Bear. I was greatly hoping they would play Ain’t Wasting Time No More, which was one of the next songs they played. Then off of Gov Mule’s last cd, they played Worried Down With the Blues, which features Derek on the CD. That for me was definitely one of the highlights, but it did slow down the crowd somewhat. Galactic’s sax player came out for The Same Thing, although initially I thought it was going to be Southbound from the first chord I heard before they went into the song. Great interplay between the Bros and sax player. Followed by Come and Go Blues, which was good but I prefer the stripped down acoustic version. Later on in the show they brought out Raleigh native former Black Crowe, Cry of Love guitarist Audley Freed. I was a little letdown that he didn’t get more of a hometown welcome. He did come back out with the sax player for an outstanding version of Southbound in which the three guitarists took turns along with the sax player playing little 8 bar licks. I also enjoyed Oteil’s solo with scat opening with Little Martha. Overall I was very impressed with what was my first but certainly not last Allman Brother show. I feel like Derek’s guitar wasn’t turned up loud enough at times. For anyone who cares, from what I remember he played his SG exclusively. Whipping Post ended around 11:15 or so despite one of the City’s ordinances. Watching Warren and especially Derek play slide rekindled my own interest in learning slide licks. Hope to make it out for the show in VA with Derek Trucks Band. Plan on buying the new album Joyful Noise from them.

08/27/2002 Holt

Setlist is wrongAdd Good Clean Fun and Instrumental before Southbound

08/26/2002 tk421jag

I think this was the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen Derek play with the Brothers. Is it me or is he getting to be the best slide guitarist ever. I’ve never seen someone do licks like he was doing. Warren is good on Slide, but I think Derek has him beat, but as far as straight lead goes, Warren’s the winner. Everyone showed off a little this show, which was awesome I thought, Oteil definatly impressed me with that Little Martha deal on the bass, and it was great to see Greg tinkling the (electronic) ivorys again. Mad props to the precussion section!!! Marc, Butch and good ole’ Jaimoe killed those drums man.

08/26/2002 TrippinPeaches

My world was rocked! Derek and Warren were awesome. Note: I did see Derek grinning at Warren and Warren giving him a dirty look-he he he.

08/26/2002 maredwar

I totally disagree. That was the best ABB show I’ve seen in 12 years. Warren and Derek mesh perfectly together, trading leads and slide licks. I like Jimmy too, but face it, Warren is now leader of the band and he is taking them to great places.

08/26/2002 tunney

The Brothers at the creek was one of the best Ive seen.The lightning behind the show during Warren and Derks dualing guitar was awsome.I can`t wait for the new album the new songs they sang were done very well . Gregs voice sounded great A lot of people say there just missing something without Dickey but saturday at the creek they weren`t missing a thing . Great show Brothers!

08/26/2002 Hamer

No direction? Were you getting a beer during Southbound? I was blown away by the interplay between Warren, Audley, Derek and Ben Ellman. Warren Haynes CONDUCTED the performance of that song. Hey man, Jimmy Herring is a great musician, but kick Warren out in favor of Jimmy? It ain’t gonna happen.

08/25/2002 Holt

Highlights: Desdemona Whipping Post Derek and the rhythm section of Oteil Marc Jaimoe & Butch

Overall the songs were performed well technically.Directionwise the songs were lacking.Derek and Warren do not mesh well together.Bring Jimmy Herring back to play with Derek or find two other guitarists who have the interplay going on together.

08/25/2002 tk421jag

The show last night was amazing! It was littered with very new songs and very outstanding jams. The opening band Galactic came out on “Southbound” which was a treat, as well as Audley Freed (guitarist from the Balck Crows). They did a long instrumental, I’m guessing that was the song titled “Instrumental”. Occationally you would hear someone shout out a song request like “Play SoulShine”, or “No one left to run with”, but the Brothers seem to be trying all of their new songs out for us. I love the old classics, but sone of the new songs they played were very well preformed and I think in the future those will be “classics” as well. Great closing with “Whipping Post”. I think the highlight of the show was Oteil’s bass solo when he came out after the precussions sections awesome jam. Oteil did scat with his bass and preformed a slightly modified version of Little Martha on his bass. It was amazing. Other songs preformed were “Woman Across the River” which reminded me of an ex girl friend. “Black Hearted Woman”, “Good Clean Fun”, “Ain’t Wastin TIme no More” a personal favorite, “Desdemona”, “Gambler’s Roll” (I think), The others were all new songs I think and didn’t know the title of them. All around great show. Greg sounded like he was in his 20s again and everyone on stage looked to be having a great time.

08/19/2002 Holt

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Allman Brothers

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08/13/2002 Holt

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Also this Friday the 106.1 lunch in cary is giving away tix to the show every 5 minutes.

07/14/2002 Holt

get a wrdu license tag from the radio station beforehand. it makes parking very easy. get out quick too.