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AmSouth Amphitheatre

July 4, 2002

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
20 – Black Hearted Woman
30 – Come and Go Blues
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – Old Before My Time
60 – Dreams
70 – Worried Down With The Blues
80 – No One To Run With
90 – Midnight Rider
100 – Instrumental (untitled)
110 – Southbound
120 – with Jack Pearson, guitar; Jonny Neel, keyboards; Yon Rico Scott, drums
130 – Soulshine
140 – Rocking Horse
150 – You Don't Love Me
160 – with Chris Anderson, guitar
170 – Statesboro Blues
180 – with Jimmy Hall, harp
190 – Mountain Jam
200 – Encore
210 – Revival

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08/31/2006 Holt [DTB]

Joyful Noise 1
Kam-ma-Lay 1
Feel So Bad 2
Ain’t That Lovin’ You 2
Afro Blue

1 with Susan Tedeschi on vocals.
2 with Susan on vocals & guitar.

12/15/2002 BenjoClark [Re: Allman Brothers Band: Nashville, TN]

outstanding show, johnny neel and gregg playing together on the boards was one for the books.

07/08/2002 Markrau [Re: Allman Brothers Band: Nashville, TN]

Greg was singing great,,the band was tight& awsome as allways,,the rythem was taking me back to place i can only find at an Allman brohers show,,plan on seeing them at Charlotte,nc,, and Atlanta,,maybe Birmingham too I can’t get enough….wooooeee!!!!!

07/04/2002 bobalou [Re: Allman Brothers Band: Nashville, TN]

Guys, Will we get to hear G.D.T.R.F.B.,,, Or maybe an acoustic Melissa??,, I’m making some homemade tea and plan on enjoying some good tunes from you boys,, See ya tonite!!!

07/03/2002 possumlynn [Re: Allman Brothers Band: Nashville, TN]

cant wait to groove. I’ve missed deer creek, and Im missing cinnci as i type, but hey us southern boys have to make a little loot. Anyways hoping to hear Back Where It All Begins, I know its not often, but Im always prayin. Brother to brother the 4th will be great no matter what is played, as long as its played. See Yall there.

05/13/2002 harrnj [Re: Allman Brothers Band: Nashville, TN]

i was wondering the same. I’m starting to think that they might not be playing since its July 4th?

05/10/2002 jwillis [Re: Allman Brothers Band: Nashville, TN]

just wondering when tickets are gonna go on sale

04/18/2002 pjve85 [Re: Allman Brothers Band: Nashville, TN]

nnnoooooooooooooooooooooooo!……PLAY AT VIBES!!!!!!!!!