The Allman Brothers Band
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Allman Brothers Band
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco

June 10, 2002

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Midnight Rider
20 – Stand Back
30 – Desdemona
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – Old Before My Time
60 – Come and Go Blues
70 – Soulshine
80 – Hoochie Coochie Man
90 – Instrumental (untitled)
100 – Set II
110 – Don't Want You No More
120 – It's Not My Cross To Bear
130 – Firing Line
140 – Dreams
150 – Just Before the Bullets Fly
160 – Trouble No More
170 – Mountain Jam
180 – Encore
190 – Revival

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04/05/2002 weatherman

When the heck are the tix going on sale for these shows? Does anybody have any idea? Man, I’ve been hittin’ up this web site about a million (ok, about a billion) times a day for updates only to see nothing new on sale dates. I’m beginning to get a bit nervous since I already have the time off from work scheduled. I can only figure that either there is some kind of mess being worked out or maybe something really big is being planned. Three nights of the Bros certainly would be big enough for me, thanks! Especially since it is only a 250 mile ride instead of the 1500 miles to Denver like last year! Not that that was so bad!

Anyway…Im sure we’re all waiting anxiously for the sale announcement, eh? Any info is better than none.