The Allman Brothers Band

AllBros at Warfield, S.F., June 10 & 12

Like most ABB fans, I started following the band at a young age (13 yrs.) when my sister’s older boyfriends introduced me to “Idlewild South”. I was immediatedly enthralled with what was an unfamiliar sound because it touched some level within me I had never felt from music before.

Flash forward to the Warfield Theater, circa June 10 & 12, 2002.

Even though saddened by the departure of Dickey Betts, I was excited to hear what the current line up would sound like. I went on opening night with one group of friends and on the closing night with another group of friends. We were all blown away.

I would describe the brothers as ” a muscular wave of sound and precision” that left you drained and wanting more. I was particularly excited that new material was brought forth because not only did it kick-a**, but it shows the brothers are not resting on their considerable laurels, but are pushing ahead.

This current line up, I dare say with all humility, is the closest in spirit to the original line up. No one can deny Dickey’s contribution to this legendary band, but they are grittier, with an edge and purpose that has been missing since Duane.

The current ABB line up is tremendous. These guys are the ones to take it to the next level.


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