The Allman Brothers Band

Allman Brothers Band from the Target Center to Blossom Music

Dear Family,

This is the tale of my adventure from the Target Center in Minneapolis to Cuyahoga Falls in Ohio.

A new yearly ritual I started with my brother Jeremiah ( Jay ) last year . It’s our healing and growing time together. He is a guitarist , been playing since he was 10 yrs old and I am a singer since I was 8 yrs old. Being on the road is the greatest inspriration anyone musician can get and give to one another. Our gift of dance is one of the greatest complements we could give, one art to another without actually being able to sing or play. Dance is the spirit set free and each musical note that is played allows the joy , the energy , the love to flow through the strings of the heart and illuminates the essence back in an artful expression . To everyone in the Allman Brothers Band and everyone in Phil and Friends thank you once again for the visit home. That is exactly how we felt, from our souls we miss you all. Wish we could have rode longer but we both became very ill. All good things in all good time.

The day begins with our drive to each show. Everyday on the way to each show we would see either an eagle or a hawk flying above the road we pass on. Legend has it that this is a very good sign.

For the 11yrs I’ve been seeing the Allman Brothers Band this by far was a beautifully bloomed tour. There are aspects that have changed without Dicky but sound levels are healthy for the ears and the energy of the music from the love generated from one to another on stage is still well served. By far it is real essence of love. Most of all it was so wonderful to here Gregg singing he sounds beautiful and healthy, there was no drowing out with guitars. The change off from Derek to Warren was something I am glad I didn’t miss. There seems to be more admiration and respect for eachother in whole on stage. Warren has always been at home and so it seems natural to be back with the family. Lots of loving creative energy that radiated from the stage night after night.

Every show seemed to hold magic and magical moments. Minnesota it had to be the Midnight Rider -Instrumental – Whipping Post Encore Revival. Milwaukee it had to be Trouble No More -Midnight Train-Black Hearted Woman-The Same Thing ( with Danny Lewis) Southbound ( with Jimmy and Rob) -Mountian Jam -Encore One Way Out. Deer Creek it was when Warren broke into Otis Redding – I’ve been Loving You To Long. Phil set was mind blowing, with Terrapin in super Jazz mode Not Fade Away the complete Otherone. Michagan the”Garden State” was a beautiful drive. Pine Knob it was when Larry McRae joined Warren for- Soulshine with the Come and Go Blues right before and Mountian Jam Encore One Way Out . Ohio’s Cuyhugoa Falls- Bloosom Music Center what a treat to see Derek and Susan together on stage opening. What admiration and support for eachother’s talents. That’s a very inspiring connection to have when in love with musicians they are very lucky. Warren has won my heart completely. I hope he’s taking care. I would love to be at all the shows dancing the night away. Blossom favorites were Woman Across the River – Old Before My Time – Dreams- Hoochie Coochie Man -End Of The Line – Soulshine – Insturmental- Southbound (with Jimmy and Rob) Encore – Revival.

Our plan was to be at Riverbend and to go to Nashville for the 4th but we both became very ill and needed to take care. Didn’t need anyone else getting sick. We think it was mold in one of our hotel rooms, we didn’t notice it til the morning after the Blossom show. Hope everyone enjoyed the Roses I gave to Warren. He is incredible and deserves the best loving from friends on the road . The person whom stated him Ironman Staus is right on with Govt Mule opening so many of the shows triple performances for Warren makes him one hard worked man. I would have stated more detail of the performances but there is just so,so much.

Next years Summer Tour we’re already planning on taking two weeks to be on the road. Aug 1st we’ll be in St. Louis for Phil & Friends and then the Terrapin Reunion weekend at Alpine Valley. I would love to be traveling East Coast bound for more ABB shows in Aug. Later in the fall seems to be a better prospect hope to see everyone soon . All our light , love and energy is still shining your way may it keep on growing. Miss you all , take care.


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