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SUNY Stony Brook
Stony Brook

New York
September 19, 1971

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


50 – One Way Out
70 – Dreams
90 – Blue Sky
100 – Mountain Jam
110 – order, partial
120 – Often listed in error as 9/20/71
130 – Blue Sky and Mtn Jam from fan recollection

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11/29/2007 Holt

Get it here>


The YDLM blazes on this ! ! ! LOTS of jamming within this particular one.

09/19/2007 Holt

Listening to Archive #2 LOUD today! Thanks Kirk and ABB!

01/12/2004 smarvin

I had the privilege of attending the early show that evening….One of the reasons I remember this show so vividly was that my buddy and I were so hell bent on going we hijacked his parents car at the tender age of 16 to attend….In essence, this was our “road test” since neither one of us had a license or were of legal driving age…That said, we both realized how special this evening was going to be…..Duane and Dickie were smoking….Other friends of ours attended the late show that evening and were equally jazzed about the Brothers’ perfomance…..Very special night indeed!

12/18/2002 dzobo

I was fortunate to be at this show. To set the record straight on a couple of things:

1) The band performed two shows that night. I attended the earlier one and my roomate at the time attended the late one.

2) I am 95% certain that the material that is in circulation is from the early show.

3) Blue Sky was performed during the early show. There was no Mountain Jam or Whipping Post during the early show.

4) The encore for the early show was a thunderous version of Hot ‘lanta. This closed out a set that from start to finish was truly incredible. 30 years later several other friends who also attended still listed it as their favorite show of all time.

5) The mystery as to why Blue Sky and the rest of the material has never surfaced- At some point during the show management from the Allman Brothers became aware that a soundboard recording was being made and as per contract agreement, requested that recording cease (what my roomate, who was in student government, told me at the time). If there are reel to reel tapes for the show probably everything on them has been in circulation already. But what a treat it would be to hear a pristine copy at last.

My favorite from the show was IMOER. Duane’s work on it was as good or better than any of the other versions from that period. Dickie also really extended himself during his solo.

There was just so much overwhelming joy and cohesiveness to the group’s playing. At several points during the show I felt like I was being lifted into sonic heaven. I always feel blessed that I was there that night.

Now let’s get that CD out already!

09/29/2002 Marley

My other two comments above are from the old site and got cut off for some reason. Long story short: this show is unbelievably good, and we only have the first set. I think this is going to be the one released around Christmas 2002 and I can’t wait! I’ve been dreaming of this for years.

Thanks to Don Sobocinski for trading me my copy of this show with the Dreams, I’ll never forget that. I wore it out for good a few months ago and now have a cleaned-up CD, but I’ll never forget it, even the noise during Dreams (I think it was the AOL ‘buddy signing-on’ sound). Wonderful stuff.

01/01/2002 Marley

With the help of my man Don, I managed to get a tape of this show a little while ago. It is truly amazing. If you combined this tape with the 09/16/71 Warehouse show the way two dates were combined for Fillmore East, the September shows w

01/01/2002 Marley

The version of this show that generally circulates is a shortened one, sans the “Dreams” among others.
There are many (including writers of Hittin’ the Note) who think that the Dreams at this show was the best ever played. Does anyone hav