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Allman Brothers Band
Hara Arena

September 18, 1971

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


30 – One Way Out
50 – Blue Sky
60 – partial setlist from fan who attended
70 – recalled Dickey shocking himself on mike when announcing Blue Sky!

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Submitted by: mackmor on: 05/18/2013
Submitted by: mackmor on: 05/18/2013


05/18/2013 mackmor

I was there that night on the floor near the stage. Still the best concert I’ve been to and I’ve seen a boatload. Changed my life man. Wet Willie opened. Amazingly I still have the ticket stub. Tickets sold for $4.50. $4.50!

12/17/2010 leftyguit

You can find the poster for this at:

(Yours for only $4, 250.)

06/23/2008 GuitarPlaynTaylor

Man, I sure would like the hear the blue sky from this show. Maybe the brothers have it as an soundboard and will release it as an archival release soon.