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Final Debate (Thank God!)  

Peach Extraordianire

As with the last debate, your perception of "who won?" is probably based on who you support, intend to vote for or have already voted for.

The winner de facto was Kristen Welker as a moderator.   She did a much better job than the previous guy - thanks in no small part to Donald Trump's WILLINGNESS to BE moderated.  I'm guessing that his crew and posse advised that his bullying and a$$holery in the last contest succeeded only in proving that he could be a playground tyrant and garnered him no further support or votes than he'd already had.

In my mind, neither candidate really addressed or fully answered (to my satisfaction) any real hard-line questions.  Biden suggested that anything on Hunter's laptop was all on the up and up.  Trump rationalized his business dealings and bank accounts in China was/is nothing more than legal business as usual.

Did you notice when Joe threw Obama under the bus ... 1 1/2 times?  This, only a day after the former President gave glowing support for Joe while burning Trump to the ground.

Does anybody but me remember when (like, only 2-3 years ago) fracking was considered ... a frackin' bad idea?  There are hundreds of reasons to not pursue this idea - but suddenly it's thang on the table for both camps.

Personal digression:  8 years ago, I worked on a series of energy/green building initiative videos.  Part of this work took me to visit several wind mill farms.  The concern over birds being killed was raised back then.  I asked at each visit - turns out that this is a very rare (if ever?) occurrence.  See my "Nature is an A$$hole" thread from a while back - more birds (especially Herons) die by flying into high-tension power lines and utility wires.

If this were a contest of physical stamina, the edge would go to Trump.  He has proven that he can stand up and deliver Mussolini-esque rhetoric (laced at times with utter nonsense and outright fabrications) all night.  Joe was noticeably flagging after an hour.

Some of the Friday morning pundits are confused of Trumps assertion that AOC (I hear the abbreviation so often that I can never conjure up her full name!) "has a good line of "stuff"".  I believe "stuff" is as polite a word as he could get away with for the slang of human excrement.  Anyone who is a good bull$hitter is credited with having "a good line of $hit".  I can't say that I agree with him, but that's how I took it.

Anyway, this traveling $hit show (the debates, at least) is over.  I just wish there was a way to have the Postmaster General stop cramming my mailbox with all this junk - I've already cast my stone.




Posted : October 23, 2020 9:12 am
Peach Extraordianire

After four years Trump has STILL not come up with a health care plan OR released his taxes.  Now he claims he pre-paid millions of dollars in taxes.  So why didn't he ever mention that before?  One other glaring subject stood out to me:  When asked, Trump never clarified what "Stand Up Stand Back" means.  To me that's the scariest thing he said in the first debate, and of course he evaded the question. 

IMO, if Biden doesn't win this thing, this election is proof we live in a racist nation full of idiotic voters.

Posted : October 23, 2020 2:07 pm
Randall and Rusty liked
World Class Peach

It was an unnerving statement, @robslob. I believe he said "stay ready", which sounds an awful lot like fostering treason. But he also encouraged people in MI to "liberate" themselves via Twitter, which no doubt inspired a couple of knuckleheads to try to kidnap the Governor. I was surprised Biden didn't mention that as well.

The final debate was definitely more tolerable. Trump actually benefited from the mic OFF switch. It saved him from himself, he was forced to behave. He still lied, but, if you're just talking about presentation, he lied with slightly more civility.

No big surprises. Biden had some solid moments, was able to defend himself and dispel Trump's lies. Knowing how willing the Trump campaign is to take statements out of context, he should be more careful when being sarcastic. Trump offering 1% of teachers up for sacrifice for the sake of opening schools was a low point, which Biden was right to call out, but could have done so with more clarity. Mockingly calling Trump Abe Lincoln clearly went over Trump's head.

The idea that someone would believe Joe Biden is a socialist means lying for the sake of winning has gotten out of hand. I don't know if the debate moved the needle. I have no idea how it looked to someone who hasn't yet decided because I have no idea what they are waiting to hear.

Posted : October 23, 2020 3:00 pm
Rusty liked
Peach Extraordianire

There are a lot of people who just believe the drivel that Fox spits out and don't think about it critically. 

Regardless, Biden should win IMO. Except for the fact that voter suppression is alive and well. There are over 6000 ballots contested in N Carolina. Blacks make up 20% of the population, yet over 40% of the contested ballots were submitted by Blacks. In the recent past, > 50% of all votes cast for congress went to Dems, but the GOP has a majority because of gerrymandering. 

Thank you, Supreme Court, for overturning the civil rights act of 64 because it was no longer "relevant" in modern society

Posted : October 23, 2020 5:31 pm