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Peach Bud

My wife and I have (3) ABB DVDs : Brothers of the Road, Beacon 2003 and Beacon 2009.

I have read all of the Allman Brothers Books and have read where ABB didn't particularly like the Brothers of the Road days. However, we find the DVD refreshing as it shows Betts playing so well, as well as some acoustic jams and one wicked solo with Gregg on an acoustic version of Come and Go Blues.

We watch the 2003 and 2009 Beacon DVD's weekly; always finding some nuance . School is in when Warren and Derek play and Gregg smiles at special moments he hears.

I consider ABB music to be "the art of the minor pentatonic" and I mean this with highest regard and utmost respect.

I was there..age 15.. when they played Piedmont Park and again at 2nd Atlanta Byron Festival and at Atlanta Municipal before Duane and Berry passed. I have Dickey with Cowboy, Gregg at FOX Atlanta and we have tix to see Gregg in October, as the May show was postponed.

All for now..Let your Soul Shine.

Topic starter Posted : May 25, 2016 3:24 pm