The Allman Brothers Band

Buzzy’s Garden

Dan, myself, and two other guys decided about nine years ago to move into our current residence, a home, complete with Japanese garden front and rear. Shortly after we moved in the gardener began to trim and take care of the garden. As it turns out the underbrush was hiding what had appeared to be a rock, just like the other three or four big rocks in the garden, but it wasn’t a rock as it turns out.

So I rise one morning after an ABB show, sun shining, coffee in hand, basking in the afterglow of last night’s show and I walk out back and there by the pond is the rock, only it’s not a rock anymore. The gardener’s cutting has revealed it to be instead a rather large mushroom and a few small ones and a frog !! I became somewhat light headed and I was tingling from head to foot as I said out loud to no one in particular “all right who put that in here !!” Just had to paint it after that.”

In Loving Memory
Lee David Christie
11/21/49 to 11/23/02


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