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Banding Together

As members of the extended family visited the Guest Book to say they were ok after the tragedy of Sept. 11, I kept thinking about one of our

brothers who lives in NYC, who doesn’t post regularly, if at all. We usually correspond privately around the holidays and as Beacon time nears. He’s a peach heart, who always attends the Beacon run with a few of his buddies, always has a big hug waiting, and always signs his emails with “Keeping the Peach in the Apple” and a reference to his career — i.e., “Pete, da cop”.

Two weeks ago I convinced myself I didn’t write to ask how he was doing immediately because he’d be too busy to check email. I convinced myself that

for a long while. Then a few days ago, I realized I was more afraid than courteous, bit my lip, and wrote.

Twenty minutes later the reply came. “Thanks for remembering. We are suffering big time up here. Lost many a friend in the attack. I was at the

scene when the towers came down and I thank God that my old legs moved as fast as they did. Will write again when I have the time as we are working

16-18 hour shifts which I believe may be coming to an end soon. Keeping the Peach in the Apple..”

Pete, da cop, was ok! Thank you, higher power!

There had been some speculation about how the Peach Corps might band together and respond to the tragedy. I decided to wait on any suggestion …

until Pete, da cop, had time to share his thoughts. This morning he has:

Dear Lana and the Peach Corps,

Thanks for your prayers letter and concerns. A tragedy has occurred here in NYC, the Brothers March home. Many, many people have been affected by this attack including approximately 35 people I personally know. They were cops, firemen and employees of the numerous corporations located in the buildings. A close friend of mine buried his 21 year old son, a carpenter, yesterday.

For some reason God spared me along with many others. I was at the scene when the towers came down and it was a sight, sound feeling I will never

forget nor I fear ever escape from. I have been working 14 to 20 hours day since in the rescue effort either at the scene or in the mortuary. (As part of my job with the Crime Scene Unit, NYPD). The people working in the effort will not rest until all families involved get some sort of closure.

Lana, you told me that the Peach Corps wanted to make a donation to a GOOD cause. Well as you know the cops and firemen funds have been getting massive amounts of attention and funds. But, the restaurant workers, mostly undocumented aliens and hard workers, have been pretty much forgotten. We will probably never learn the identities of most of these workers. And I am

sure that their families will be hard pressed to pay any bills. So I nominate that any funds raised be sent to help their families. The web page and address of their union is:



Thank You Lana and all the Peach Corps

Pete Boylan


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