The Allman Brothers Band

ABB at the Greek Theatre, 9/5/2003

By: Sheep
From: The Left Coast

These past two shows are the best two I’ve ever seen. Last night was enormous. No compromise, all the jams were huge. It was mainly Derek’s night, Warren almost conceeded to him at times, I thought, even though he was scorching all night also.

Opened with Black Hearted and the end jam teased the Other One a little more than usual. Warren was playing some of his O1 riffs he does with Phil & Friends. There were several Other One teases throughout the show.

AWTNM was owned by Derek, he just tore up his solo. Worried Down was shredding. They played the trio of High Cost, Desdemona & Instr Illness that they did the night before, but each version was different. Karl Denson played a long smoking solo in Desdemona, followed by a very jazzy solo by Warren. Instr Illness was also very stretched out hitting some very psychedelic spots. The jams these days seem to be opening up more and experimental. They play around with the quiet moments in jams, where they’re playing around with feedback and tones. They really did that well at the end of High Cost last night, stretching it a little more than usual and also in II, WP & MJ. I love how Derek will build his straight lead solo and then take it back down, before moving to the slide. They hit some interesting places, when they do that.

Susan came out again for Don’t Think Twice & Statesboro. Derek again, played two beautiful very lyrical slide solos on Don’t Think Twice and Susan’s vocals were incredible. Warren played slide on this version of Statesboro and Susan played a 3 verse extended guitar solo. Neither Derek or Gregg soloed on Statesboro. Melissa was a quartet, with just Gregg on acoustic, Butch, Warren & Otiel. The whole segment of Dreams, WP, MJ & Layla was amazing. Yes, amazing!!!!!! How do you say it Lana, a-may-zen???

Dreams was Derek’s and it was otherworldly (OK I’m running out of adjectives for Derek, I think we need to create some sort of new smilie, to capture what he does). Whipping Post was huge, no compromise, long, long solo’s by Derek & Warren. Again Derek did the straight lead first then brought it down and hit some very spacey places, before launching into slide. Warren’s solo was blistering, he also built it up, then brought it back down and rebuilt into an incredible climax.

They said their thank you’s and walked off and I knew MJ was coming, since there was no drum solo yet. I was also hoping for a Layla. They didn’t dissapoint. The drums were short in MJ, probably due to time constraints. Otiel did a real nice solo, then the rest came on and started jamming along. No big duel guitar “Third Stone” part, they just started jamming, kind of spacey at first, then Derek went to the slide and started to build and hit some great peaks. During this Warren starts to play The Other One chords, strumming hard, it was quite a moment. I was thinking they might do the Blue Sky jam, but it wound back down into the end of MJ. They walked off stage for about 30 seconds and came right back and launched into Layla. Derek took all the slide, the first solo and the coda. His playing was again, beautiful and lyrical. Brother Duane was smiling.

I thought of Duane many times last night, but it was always during one of Derek’s scorching solo’s. I thought about all the lucky folks who got to see Duane live and how he created this sound that will live on forever.

Allen & jamminpappy, sorry I didn’t run into either of you last night.


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