The Allman Brothers Band

A Trip To Macon

I guess its about a 2.5 hour drive from Lanett, AL to Riverside Drive and Rose Hill in Macon GA. Of course ya got to get lost between here and there a few times, if ya know what I mean. We rolled into town just in time to catch a hug and some grub from Mama Louise at the H&H. Damn fine eating. It was not the GABBA weekend, but we decided to pick up some trash at Rose Hill. We paid our respects to Little Martha and saw the album cover spot down by the Ocmulgee River. We even saw a blue bird by Elizabeth Reed’s spot.

I guess we had 5 or 6 people with us. As we headed down to see the Brothers the subject came up – I wonder when Gregg comes here. One person said it must be late at night. Another said it must be early in the morning. But just then we found out Gregg comes to Rose Hill any time he likes.

I was joking with my cousin when a nice cadi pulled up. I said, “That must be Gregg”, but about that time Gregg, his little dog, girlfriend and two or three other people came walking down the hill. Gregg was wearing a House of Blues jacket, sunglasses, and cap. I guess there were 10 people at this sacred place. To my memory no one said a word, asked for an autograph or anything. We just stood with Gregg maybe thinking some of the things he was, but probably not.

He stood there what seemed to be about 3 or 4 minutes, then started walking back to the car. He nodded his head as he walked by, but never said a word. I said, “Hey Gregg have a great show tonight”, and he did. This was the ultimate Trip to Macon and one I will always remember. Thanks to Duane, Berry, Gregg, Dickey, Butch, and Jaiome!!!!! Thanks fuzzynavel67


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