The Allman Brothers Band

16 Year Old Meets Gregg at a Boxing Match

My name is Jonathan Murphy. I’m from Effingham County Ga. I’m a huge Allman Brothers Band fan. I love all of their stuff all the way back to the Allman Jand the Hour Glass. My dad has always played in bands. He brought me up listening to classic rock, blues and early r&b. I was able to meet one of my biggest rock heroes Tuesday night at the Savannah Civic Center at a boxing match. I walked over and told him, “Hey”. I was almost speechless. I didn’t say much because he didn’t wanna attract a big crowd. So I respected that, even though there were so many things I wanted to say to him. I would have loved to get a I met Gregg Allman. I’ve been singing and playing guitar for a while now and hopefully, through that, maybe I’ll be able to meet Mr. Allman again. It’s really awesome to live so close to the midnight rider himself.


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