The Allman Brothers Band

The Magic is Back!

By: Libby Lowery

What an incredible night of music, beginning with The Derek Trucks Band. I’m just starting to get familiar with this music and this was my first time to see them live, wow, I can’t wait to see them in October in Athens; Patty and Randall, make plans for that one!

I love to watch Derek play, his facial expressions….and yes, his soul comes out. This music is truly joyous, my favorite song is Joyful Noise, it really got the crowd up and everyone was groovin’, it’s fun, it’s spirit filled, touching and energizing. I am a Derek Trucks Band fan, ya’ll, yes I am! I love this music! It’s mature, refreshing, funky, jazzy, bluesy……get cha some!!

Highlights for me here: Joyful Noise, Like Anyone Else and Every Good Boy!! I just love Kofi, he’s so fun and cute as a button too!!!

The Allman Brothers Band…..I called the setlist in to Bluefox as soon as the show ended, thanks for posting it, sis, I missed ya girl! This was a stellar show, very tight, energetic, these guys are clearly having a good time and it flows out into the crowd. This was the best crowd I’ve ever experienced, the security was lenient and allowed everyone to dance in the aisles, they made sure a pathway was clear and even enjoyed the dancing themselves. Lakewood has never been a favorite venue for me, even if it is home, but last night was great. There were hugs from strangers all around, hi 5’s, dancing together…this was a “great bunch” Gregg was even waving at people, smiling at the crowd and laughing…I like that…his voice is incredible, I listened to him very closely, he’s clear, he’s confident, he’s hitting the high notes again AND he’s all over the B-3 like he used to be. I don’t think he’ll ever let his hair down again, but ya never know, he may get so in to it one night he’ll jerk that pony tail right on down! Then we can say, “He’s back!!”

The rhythm section was flawless, the drum solo brought one more nasty storm to Atlanta last night, whew, it was electric. I’m partial to ALL hard working drummers out there, Butch was clearly breathless after that display, his endurance is impressive, guess he seperates the men from the boys, I’m talkin’ about drummin’!

Derek and Warren: I can’t think of an adjective to describe these two…..Derek has come in to his own, he has stepped out and made an identity, to watch his facial expressions, his mannerisms, he clearly is passionate about the music, the best young guitarist out there today….he nailed Dreams! I mean he nailed it, I still have chicken skin just thinking about it! Whew! Warren is just a monster and that voice, Loving You Too Long was absolutely beautiful! Of course most of you know how I feel about Jimmy Herring, it was great to see him, he adds alot of happiness and smilin’ to the show when he stops by, that was one rockin’ Southbound!!

Whippin’ Post….this isn’t on my wishlist at many shows, but I ain’t heard a WP like that since BO or AW…..there was some incredible guitar and I don’t know what the hell Warren was doing but keep it up son, that WP was the best I’ve ever heard, I wish I could have seen Goliath, I bet he was a jumpin’ up and down, glad you got your WP, Bro’! It was a killer one, eh???

I got one mo thing to say….don’t knock this band until you hear ’em…..I wasn’t gonna go to any Brothers shows this year, the magic is back for me, so much so that I just may be in NY in March, I’ll have the winter to decide on that one, but I’m real close to sayin’ it’s worth the trip and to be in NYC again, this ole suthin’ gal loves the Big Apple!

I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen this band since 2000, don’t sit around and ***** about Dickey not being there, sure, it hurts to leave and not get a Blue Sky, but life goes on, we still have Dickey and he still has us. Enjoy this music while you can, one thing I’ve learned, nothing is forever and if you truly love music use an open mind and enjoy it while we still can!! I’m glad I ate crow and and saw the shows I’ve seen this summer….hmmm 1pm, I can still make Birmingham!

Had someone tell me recently they didn’t have to “respect my taste in music” …Hell no you don’t, but don’t offer an opinion of the Allman brothers to me until you buy a ticket and see THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND!!! I’ll support all trees of music formed off this group of musicians, it ain’t about who’s right or wrong, who did this, who did that, it’s about the music and what the music does for an individual, for me, it lifts me up and gives me joy. It allows me to enjoy wonderful memories of my sweet baby who’s passed on from this life, it’s allowed me to meet new friends….great to see Patty and Randall, David and Ellen and Scott last night, even if brief.

Dan, Kathy and Mike…I love you guys, this was the first ABB show in 7 years we didn’t experience together, I missed you so bad.

I still have time to make Birmingham!

This was my last show of the year, Atlanta was hot, but I think Raleigh was my pick of the year.

I don’t normally post in the off season, so I’ll see ya around the holidays….we had a great summer!

Sweet peace to all and I’ll sign off with my favorite line from C,S,and N….

“if you can’t be with the ones you love, love the ones you’re with….and always…..MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE, OH YES, AND MAKE IT LOUD ENOUGH FOR ALL TO HEAR….can you feel it ?


“Life…living is the journey, not the destination”


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