The Allman Brothers Band

Please Call Home: World Premiere

Please Cal Home - The Big House Years

Exclusive Film Premiere & Q& A with director Kirk West and author Alan Paul.

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Please Call Home tells the story of the early days of Allman Brothers Band, and their music as it was evolving from their fraternity, all solidified by The Big House. Seamlessly woven with rare, archival, and contemporary footage, interviews with band members and others in their closely-knit circle, the film delivers access and insight into the factors that nurtured the bonding of the original lineup, their families and friends, and provides an intimate picture of a key period in the group’s evolution and ultimately, the unity at the heart of the Allman Brothers Band’s music. Proceeds will support both The historic Tarrytown Music Hall, an independent, historic landmark theater in Tarrytown, NY, and The Allman Brothers Museusm, The Big House, in Macon, GA.


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