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Peach-o-Gram Newsletter for December 14, 2003

Howdy folks!

I hope you’re all getting into the holiday mood and enjoying some time with your loved ones. This past year has been a wonderful time for the extended ABB family!

We’re still waiting on Beacon dates… and since waiting is so hard to do, here’s something to do to keep our minds off the wait… sort of! I was talking to Butch last week and he said that it was a lot of fun surprising audiences with gems like Layla and Don’t Think Twice in 2003. He then said, “I bet if we asked the fans they could come up with some cool ideas for unexpected songs we could do in 2004!”

So… AND ABSOLUTELY NO PROMISES HERE FOLKS! … this is just for fun … the band may not play anything we suggest … but then again, we may just give them some good ideas, like Butch said!

I’ve set up a topic in the Forum for you to make suggestions:
It’s under Forum->Anything Goes->Surprise ABB Songs in 2004? So drop by and give us your thoughts!!

I was also chatting with Joe Bell at Kid Glove / Hittin’ The Note, and he told me that if you are quick, he thinks they can still get orders out in time to have them under the tree, but you have to move fast. This has been such a stellar year for new ABB material! Just look at this lineup:

The Allman Brothers Band – Stony Brook 9/19/71

Allman Brothers Band – Atlanta International Pop Festival

Live From Bonnaroo 2003 (ABB does High Cost of Low Living)

The Allman Brothers Band – American University 12/13/70

The Allman Brothers Band – Hittin’ The Note

The Allman Brothers Band – Live at the Beacon Theatre (DVD)

Now that’s a pretty impressive list! What was the last time you could load up your CD changer with all new ABB material?!

There are lots of other cool ABB goodies available at Kid Glove as well, so even if you have all the CD’s, surf over to Maybe you can get yourself a cool shirt to wear around the house this winter and stay in that good vibe concert mood until the 2004 tour season starts!

That’s all for now — wishing you all good health, lots of love, and a wonderful holiday season.



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