The Allman Brothers Band

Peach-O-Gram for September 11, 2003

Greetings sweet family,

It’s good to have all of you in the family on this reflective day. In addition to remembering our fallen brothers and sisters from two years ago, I would like to thank all of you for the many kindnesses you have expressed to each other at HTW as many of our family members have drawn on each other for strength. It’s remarkable to feel the energy from all of you… thank you! I’d start mentioning individuals here but I’d forget someone for sure and then feel bad… so let me just say that we read the Guest Books and Forums and think of you all every day…

It’s been a great summer for ABB fans… and it’s not over yet. I got to see a lot of you at the Charlotte and Raleigh shows… good to see you! After missing the boat at Charlotte, I had my act together enough to get the Instant Live! CD at the Raleigh concert… after all these years of getting the random soundboard here or there, what a treat to enjoy one right after the show. You should have seen the armies in orange “Instant Live!” tee-shirts loading the CD burners and carrying bags of CD’s to the tents where they were sold! Quite a production.

2003: We’ve enjoyed Hittin’ The Note… a fantastic Beacon run… special guests galore… Layla… the SUNY Stonybrook archive release (more on that in an upcoming o-gram, this is getting too long!!)… High Cost of Low Living on Leno… and, now -another- ABBcd…

…the third ABB CD of the year is coming out in a couple of weeks — a double CD of ATLANTA POP FESTIVAL, 1970. Many of you have heard a couple of tracks that came out on vinyl many moons ago — now the whole thing has been cleaned up and is being released. Yay!
You can order it online and get yours three weeks early — they will ship it on September 30.

HTW and Hittin’ The Note decided to team up on this one — you can order it through the following URL and if you do, you’ll pay the same price but a part of what you pay will support HTW and HTN:

Caution — they use flash and the music will start playing as soon as you come to the site, so if by some rare chance you’re checking this at work, uh… turn your sound down first!!! 😉

They’ll also send you an 11″x17″ poster with your CD order — the web site looks nice, has a couple of cool pix from the show and sound clips… well worth a visit even if you don’t buy the CD. If you do, thanks so much for your support!!

You may get an email from HTN too — it’s the same URL, and the same deal — we’re working together on this one, you can use the URL from either email. Thanks!

We’ve had a bunch of great bands join us at HTW over the last couple of months — I need to get out a Fam-o-gram welcoming them. We have a special offer coming from one of them this weekend, so I’ll probably use that as a prod to get my act together and send out the note…in the meantime, click the “Other HTW Sites” link from most HTW sites and pay them a visit… they’ll really appreciate hearing from you.

Let me wrap this one up and we’ll be in touch again soon…

But before we go, people can you feel it, all together now…”Red Rocks!! Red Rocks!! Red Rocks!!”
(Sept 19 — be there!)

Take care and know that you -ARE- loved,


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