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Peach-O-Gram for October 1, 2003

Hey there sweet family,

There’s tons of news to share with you today, so I hope you’ll hunker down in your chair and get comfortable with us for a few minz.

First, THIS Sunday at 10:00PM PST KCBS-FM 93.1 in Los Angeles will air “Off the Record with Joe Benson” featuring the music of The Allman Brothers Band and Joe’s recent conversation with Gregg and Warren.

Go to, then click on the “Radio/Music/Racing Link” for a city in your area that is broadcasting it. For members of the fam’ across the oceans or in cities or states that don’t carry the program, some radio stations will stream the show. The list is fairly up to date and accurate, but of course, always check with the actual radio station to ensure they are still carrying the program.

In a quote from the show Gregg shares his reaction the first time he jammed with The Allman Brothers Band in 1969: “I felt like I was reborn. I was back in the south and they say you are what you eat, and I mean back there I got some cornbread in me (laugh). It was wonderful. We’d wake up in the morning, have a little breakfast and start playing, and the next thing you know it’s dark so we’d have dinner, hit the hay, and wake up and do it again. We did that for three months straight.”

Have you ever wanted to play on the side stage at Alltel Pavilion? Well now’s your chance. Alltel Pavilion is holding a Battle of the Bands at the Lincoln Theatre on Sunday, October 5th. The winner will play on the side stage at the R.E.M. concert at Alltel Pavilion on Friday, October 10th.

Drop or mail your demos and contact information to Alltel Pavilion – Open Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

Contact Information:

Alltel Pavilion
3801 Rock Quarry Road
Raleigh, NC 27610
Attention: Battle of the Bands
(919) 831-6400

The deadline for demos is Friday, October 3rd at Noon. Finalists will be notified Friday October 3rd by afternoon or evening if they will battle at the Lincoln Theatre on Sunday, October 5th.

Voting for the winner during the battle will be a combination of a panel of judges and audience vote – so bring your friends to win the battle. Don’t miss the Battle to the End…of the 2003 Season.

The 2003 GABBAfest (Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association) will be held October 10, 11, 12 in Macon. This year’s GABBAfest is a truly special event, a Tribute to Joe Dan Petty. Among the bands scheduled to perform are: Lee Roy Parnell, Grinderswitch, Mark May, Big Willy and the Wingtips, Tim Brooks and Breau Jam. Mama Louise will be cooking up lots of viddles, Kirk West is holding a Rock n’ Roll Yard Sale at the Big House, lots of smiles and a wonderful time are guaranteed for you! For more information swing by:

Mark Your Calendar for Nov. 1, 2003 for the 13th Annual Sarasota Blues Festival Featuring:
2003 Handy & Grammy Award Winner Solomon Burke
Coco Montoya
2003 International Blues Challenge Winner Delta Moon
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
The All Stars
13 Year Old Sensation Eric Steckel Band
The Conch Fritters Blues Band
and more acts to be determined

Shout out to Sarasota Blues Festival promoter Barbara Strauss: Hey, Barbara! We love you and look forward to seeing you, and having a SUNsational time, in a few weeks!!

For more information visit:

The first ABB DVD since 1994, “Allman Brothers: Live at Beacon Theatre (2003)”, was released September 23. Sure, we could share rave reviews from the media with you, but what do your brothers and sisters in the ABB’s extended family think of the DVD? One, Ronald R. Tomlins, writes, “What a great job on the DVD! The production is excellent and the sound is great. It really captures the Beacon/ABB experience. Lots of great camera angles and close-ups, and some real nice shots of the boys smiling and interacting with each other. I also really enjoy the interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff. Jaimoe and Gregg, in particular, are so much more animated than I have ever seen or heard. Even my wife and my 11 yr. old daughter love it. Being able to crank the Beacon experience, with all its sights and sounds, whenever I’m in the mood (always). It just doesn’t get any better. When you watch and listen to this, you just have to say (again), there is the ABB, and then everyone else, a distant second. Kudos.” For more straight from the heart writing check the Reviews section of

“Allman Brothers: Live at Beacon Theatre (2003)” is available with free shipping in the US at

Finally, Congratulations! to everyone honored at the First Annual Peachie Awards, held live Tuesday (9/30/2003) in the Forum on The Peachie Awards, created by Peach Corps members Pam and Sandman and supported by a host of others, are a fun way to recognize the achievements of the ABB, the ABB family of bands, guest artists, venues, Forum members, and fans throughout the year. This year’s winners and runner-ups are:

Venue of the Year
1. Beacon Theatre, NY, NY
2. Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
3. Alltel Pavilion, Raleigh, NC

Thread of the Year
1. Bird72’s Hep C
2. CliffnTina’s Empty Topic So You Can Have Better Numbers
3. Pam’s Thread of Happiness and all Good Things

Post of the Year
Three Way Tie for First place:
LinnieXX’s post about old_time_fan on the floor going in circles like Homer Simpson
Pam’s post about the guy riding around the block crying on his bike
Pam’s first post in the happy thread

Old Timer of the Year
1. Old Coot
2. Old Dirt Road
3. RedDog

Lifetime Achievement award
1. Lana and Rowland
2. Capt Skip
3. Marley

Guest Appearance of the YEar
1. Susan T (various)
2. Branford Marsalis 8-10-03, Alltel Pavilion
3. Bela Fleck 3-15-03, The Beacon

Funniest Post of the Year
1. ODR calling his mom by mistake thinking it was his girlfriend
2. Derek from Cin. Valentine’s day post
3. Pam’s bike post

Funniest Screen Name
1. OldDirtRoad
2. Finklewicz
3. Goliath

Forum member of the year
1. Pam
2. Lana and Rowland
3. Goliath

Best use of a smiley
1. Pam
2. Yurtle
3. quinn

Concert goer of the year
1. Jim Benjamin
2. Karen and Lynn
3. Sari

Trader of the year
1. Clay
2. Capt Skip
3. Three way tie for third: Goliath, PhotoRon286 and PhillyBob

Drum solo:
1. 8-8-03
2. 7-26-03
3. 3-21-03

Best Extended Jam:
1. IMOER 8/8/03
2. Illness 8/1/03
3. 2 way tie: IMOER 3/15/03 Mountain Jam 8-9-03

Best Guitar Solo:
1. Derek, Layla 8-8-03
2. 2 way tie for 2nd: Derek, Aint Wastin Time No Mre 3-21-03; Warren, Whipping Post 3-20-03
3. Derek, Mountain Jam 8-9-03

Best Live Song:
1. Layla 3-21-03
2. Layla 3-14-03
3. Layla 8-8-03

Best ABB Family band:
1. Derek Trucks Band
2. Dickey Betts & Great Southern
3. Gov’t Mule

Best Avatar
1. Sandman
2. Goliath
3. Linniexx

Best Bass Solo
1. 8-8-0
2. 8-10-03
3. 3-21-03

Best cover song
1. Layla
2. Into the Mystic
3. Dark Star

Best Show
1. 8-8-03
2. 3-21-03
3. 3-14-03

Best Sig on a post
1. Top Droog
2. CliffNTina
3. Linniexx

Best Organ Solo
1. Mountain Jam 8-8-03
2. Layla 3-14-03
3. Instrumental Illness 8-1-03

Best Preshow Party
1. Hospitality Sweeties
2. Left Coasters
3. Wharf Rats

Again, Congratulations! to all involved!

Take care and know that you are loved,

Lana and Rowland


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