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Peach-o-Gram for November 13, 2004

Hey folks,

The Queen of Peach is away from the keyboard and some big news just hit so it’s Rowland here doing the P-O-G thing. Lana is at a little shindig up in Ellwood City they call “Lanaroo” for some reason (OK, I’ll share the secret — November 14 is Lana’s birthday… don’t tell her I told you! But you can drop by the Guest Book and send greetings if you like).

OK, what was that news — oh yeah, THE PRE-SALE FOR INSTANT LIVE CD’s FOR 2004 IS HERE!!! YAY!!!

(This means you can stop PM’ing and emailing us asking “when will the Instant Lives be ready?”)

In case you’ve been in hiding for 24 months and haven’t heard about INSTANT LIVE, it’s this incredibly cool thing. At many (not all) ABB shows, you can buy a CD of the show right afterwards. It’s a crispy soundboard too — when I traded shows, I would have done handstands to get sound quality like this.

Until now, the problem was that you could only get the INSTANT LIVE CD’s for the shows you attended — and if you’re like me, you’ve been drooling over a bunch of the shows people have been talking up in the Guest Book and Forum at Hititn’ the Web with the Allman Brothers Band.

Thanks to the ABB and Hittin’ The Note, you can now pre-order INSTANT LIVE’s for twenty-three 2004 shows, including the already legendary Fox Theatre run. There are individual shows, a “West’s Best” 6-pack, the “Fox Box” containing that whole run, and a full set of the entire summer’s INSTANT LIVE series — all 23 shows.

The CD’s will be available in about 4 to 6 weeks, but pre-ordering is important because this is a LIMITED PRODUCTION RUN and if you don’t get your order in now, you simply may not be able to get the CD at all! We get emails for months from people who missed the pre-order and are desparate for a particular show — think about it and order now if you want one. You have been informed!

Here is the link to follow for INSTANT LIVE:

READ CAREFULLY: Click the “2004 Instant Live” link in the upper right corner of the page. This takes you to an FAQ. Since this is a pre-sale, the folks at Hittin’ The Note would like you to read this FAQ, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see a CLICK HERE link to get to the ordering page. (BACK TO READING CARELESSLY…)

Not to sound like the Ginzu knife guy, but wait, there is more… One of the most emotionally draining yet uplifting periods in the history of the ABB was 1972 — we had lost Duane and we were all in shock. Many of us assumed the ABB would quietly disband, but not only did they continue palying, they played some of the most heartfelt music ever heard. The ABB ARCHIVAL RELEASE from MACON, GA, is from one of these rare shows. This show was recorded live February 11, 1972 at the Macon Auditorium, right in the heart of ABB country. This historic show is also available from Hittin’ the Note:

FEBRUARY 11, 1972 – Macon Auditorium Live Show from the Archives:

If you haven’t heard any of the ’72 shows, do yourself a favor and get this one. If you have heard them, you know what I mean. ‘Nuff said.

OK, even though Election 2004 is a fading memory, I can tell many of you still have an itchy voting finger! HTW to the Rescue! Keep an eye on the home page… any day now, it will be time for the Second Annual Peachy Awards. Completely run by the HTW community, this is a chance for you to vote for several dozen ballots ranging from “Best Old Timer of the Year” to “Best Organ Solo” (they swore to me that those are unrelated categories), “Best Venue” to “Best Forum Thread,” “Funniest Screen Name” to “Rookie of the Year,” “Best Pre-Show Party” to “Best Extended Jam.” Where else can you vote for the “Oldcoot Shoebox Series” and “TopDroog’s post to start the Star Trucks – Search for Sang thread” right along side of “Jack Pearson on Dreams 9/24” and “Best drum solo (trio): 8/27 (Rocking Horse)” Vote early, vote often (well, once actually) and let’s really Rock the Vote!

That’s all for now — so take care and know that you ARE loved!



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