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Newsletter: Peach-O-Gram – Lane Four in Final Two

Hey sweet family,

Know something? Y’all Rock!

And you Rocked the Vote for Lane Four, Gregg’s 13 year old daughter Layla’s band, all the way to the final two bands in KFOX’s Last Band Standing contest! Woo-hoo, this is exciting! One more round and Lane Four wins! Now we really need your help to get Lane Four across the finish line! Please vote at:

You can see a poster for the band in the ABB website picture gallery under Art at:

Go there, and you can send an ecard to a friend — give them the URL and let’s get out the vote! Gregg sends his thanks for your support and says y’all are -really- a great bunch!!!

Take care and know that you are loved,

Lana and Rowland


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