The Allman Brothers Band

Newsletter – Peach-O-Gram 8/19/2004

Hey there sweet family,

Although Los Lonely Boys would like you to believe they didn’t honor their commitment to the Allman Brothers Band and their fans because of exhaustion the truth, as evidenced by the following email from their management, is that another opportunity came up that they found more more appealing:

“Michelle Anthony and Steve Barnett at Sony have placed Los Lonely Boys in Sony’s $40 million ad campaign (TV and radio) for its new Sony Connect Walkman.

The recording and filming dates for Los Lonely Boys involvement have to be Aug. 20-30th with the deadline that the producers are working with.

Also the Latin Grammy’s are be broadcast on CBS TV on September 1st in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium. Carlos Santana has personally asked Los Lonely Boys to perform with him on two songs at the event. The band would need to be in Los Angeles on Aug. 31st for run throughs as well as Sept. 1st for the event.

Both of these opportunities for national television coincide with the Allman Brothers dates. We will unfortunately have to move Los Lonely Boys off of the Allman dates.

I’m very sorry for this last minute yank of the dates. I’ve discussed this at length with the band and they feel with Sony’s input that they must pursue the national television opportunities.


Kevin Wommack
Loophole Entertainment”

We encourage anyone who has ever bought a Los Lonely Boys CD to return it to the store they purchased it from based on the fact that this band is defective.

Take care and know that you are loved, informed … and, hopefully, inspired!



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