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Newsletter – Peach-O-Gram 2/27/2008

Hey there sweet family,

We’re working our way through double-checking each and every one of the Peach Corps Beacon pre-sale tickets and *hope* to have it done by early next week.

Tonight’s the night Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band is appearing at the Ed Blackwell Memorial concert, 7:30 PM, First Church, Middletown, CT. First Church is located at 190 Court St. in Middletown. Admission is $15.00.

To read a terrific story about Jaimoe, with a reference to this concert, that appeared in the Hartford Courant click here:

Shout out to Kevin Jr. who was hurt very badly by an extremely vicious pitbull while saving a one year old girl’s life. Kevin and Carol, we’re so happy your son is out of surgery, resting comfortably, and as is safe. Please give him our love.

Please join us in zenning love and positive, healing vibes to all those knowingly and unknowingly in need, including:

Bill Ector
Jack’s Nephew Jack
Debbie’s Mom
Ruthe’s Sis
LeeAnn and her family
Barb’s brother Johnny
Maggie and Henry
Goldtopper’s Dad
Tom & Michael and Family
and a little colt named Windchill:

“There really is an extended family. No heart beats alone. No hand outstretched goes unheld. No tear unwiped. No smile unshared. No love unspoken. There really is an extended family. And you belong.”

Take care and know that you are loved,

Lana and Rowland


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