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Newsletter – Peach-O-Gram 06/27/2006

Hey there sweet family,

We’ve got a news flash, a couple reminders, and want to pick your brain about something this morning.

The news flash is that another Gregg Allman & Friends tour date has rolled out and goes on sale at Noon today. It is:

October 21 (Sat) – Rams Head Live Baltimore, Maryland

While we try to keep you posted on new tour dates, your best bet is always to check your favorite web sites often for the most current information. In this case, that’s:

The reminders are:

Once again thru the generosity of the Allman Brothers Band, the Big House Foundation is auctioning off front row tickets to this summer’s Allman Brothers Band tour.

The web address for the auction is

As always, the proceeds from the auction go towards the funding of the Allman Brothers Band museum project at the Big House in Macon, GA and all money above the face value of the ticket is tax deductible. The Big House Foundation is a 501c3 classification tax deductible non-profit foundation. Further info can be found at:

And …

The Allman Brothers Band is on tour! Yesss! How’s it going? Well, the newspaper headlines speak for themselves:

Allman Brothers Hit Stratospheric Excellence
Allman Brothers Band is Amazing

To read more, and to plot where you can see the ABB on tour, visit:

Btw, there has been a great discussion in the ABB Guest Book lately about how our joyous extended family has hooked up with each other at shows and formed the strong famABBly (thanks, Ron! *k*) ties that so enrich our lives. Read it. Believe it. Live it. Love is Everywhere.

Now to the picking of your brains portion of our non-program. We’re friends with a senior consultant to the concert industry. He’s compiling research on the state of venues in particular and would greatly appreciate your input on the following questions:

1. What is your least favorite major concert (i.e. amphitheatre, pavilion) venue?
2. Why?

To participate, shoot an email with “Venue” in the header to:
Thank you very, very much in advance! If this works out, he may peach out to you again.

Shout out to Mr.Milas, NYC_Barb, Papa Chris, and Peter Ruffner – enjoy your Allman Brothers Band at Jones Beach tonight!

Take care and know that you are loved,

Lana and Rowland


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