The Allman Brothers Band

Newsletter – Oteil-O-Gram

Hey there sweet family,

Our darling Brother Oteil was involved in a minor traffic accident yesterday (3/29) and was admitted to the University of Alabama/Birmingham hospital. Oteil underwent minor treatment to clean out wounds to his leg and is recovering nicely. The slow-speed accident occurred in his Birmingham hometown when his Triumph motorcycle accidentally hit an automobile. Oteil, who was wearing his helmet, is expected to recover in time for his show with the Peacemakers April 8 in Copper Mt., CO and the next Allman Brothers Band and Oteil & The Peacemakers concerts at the Wanee Festival April 14 & 15 in Florida. His performance tonight with the Peacemakers at the Savannah Music Festival has been cancelled, but dates in April, May and over the summer with both the Allman Brothers Band and the Peacemakers will not be affected.

We love you, Oteil!

Take care and know that you are loved,



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