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Newsletter – On-Stage-O-Gram 2-8-09

Hey there sweet family,

Thank you so much for getting Moogis ( off to such a rousing start!
Y’all are, what??? (listening … ) You got it, a great bunch! 😉

Butch Trucks (hey boss man!) is so happy with the love you’ve shown for Moogis that he’s going to enter each and every one of you who’s already subscribed to Moogis, and everyone who subscribes by Sunday, February 22, into a drawing for a prize that will blow you away.

And what prize might that be? Well, sisters and brothers, have you ever wanted to sit on stage during an Allman Brothers Band concert? To be thisclose to the ABB as they lift off, soar, and make you scream for more? To be Right There with them, looking out at the audience, instead of being in the audience?

We thought so! Then you’re going to be thrilled, because everyone who has already subscribed to Moogis, or does so by Sunday, February 22, is going to be entered into a drawing …. (drum roll) … to be Butch’s guest on stage to the Allman Brothers Band concert of your choice this summer! Not only that, but you’ll also get to bring a guest along!

In case you’ve missed the news, Moogis offers its subscribers streaming video access to every Allman Brothers Band concert at the Beacon this year, both in real time and on-demand from its archives. Subscribe to Moogis today and you’ll always have the best seat in the house for this truly epic music event – not to mention the chance for you and someone close to you to share an incredible on stage experience with the ABB.

Start the next great concert experience of your life by heading to and subscribing to get:

*EVERY 2009 Allman Brothers Band Beacon run concert live and on-demand!

*Dozens of on-demand video concerts and scores of audio concerts available right now!

*Full Moogis until 9/30/09 only $100 until 2/15/2009 and $125 thereafter.

Take care and know that you are loved … and lucky!

Lana and Rowland


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