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Newsletter: Live at the Fillmore and Eat a Peach, Live!

Hello sweet family,

We normally try not to send out too many Peach-o-Grams close together because y’all are very nice to us and we don’t want to become like the house guest that doesn’t seem to notice the hosts are yawning, stretching, and looking at the clock! But we just heard some awesome news and it’s time critical, so we just have to share.

Warren just called WMMR DJ Pierre Robert to tell him that in honor of his being on the air for 30 years, which is pretty amazing in today’s radio scene, the ABB will play the Live at the Fillmore East album setlist in its entirety this Friday, 11/25, at the Tower Theatre show!

Holy Turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes Holiday Man, if that doesn’t get your pulse pounding, you’re on the wrong mailing list!

Very cool, huh?

But that’s not all — Gregg called Carter Allen at WZLX and said that the band was really getting into this idea and didn’t want to let the Boston fans down, so they are going to play Live at the Fillmore in its entirety on Tuesday, 11/29, and Eat a Peach on Wednesday, 11/30 at the Orpheum!

I sure hope the tapers turn out in droves for these shows — wow, they will be recordings we listen to for years to come. I had a reel-to-reel recording of the private party Fillmore East show (the one that was broadcast on FM, not the “Holy Grail” show) and I must have played that thing a thousand times.

But — that’s looking ahead — right now, if your plans can get you anywhere near Philly or Boston for these shows, go, go, go!

Lana and I wish you all the very best for a great Thanksgiving holiday, and as always,

Take care and know that you are loved!

Rowland and Lana


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