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Newsletter – Kirk-O-Gram 06-09-2006

Here there sweet family,

Wa-wa-wow! We have a guest typist in the house this morning! …. none other than … (drum roll) … the one, the only, the sharp dressed, endlessly patient, loving, inspirational, coffee drinkin’ and corn eatin’, Tour Mystic, Mr. Kirk West! Whoo hooo!! Kirky! It’s great to have you with us this morning! Let me get out of the way, so you can take over …


Thank you, dear.

Hello my friends,

Once again thru the generousity of the Allman Brothers Band, the help of our friends at Hittin the Note/Kid Glove and our children at Hittin the Web,
the Big House Foundation is proud to announce the listing of the first set of front row tickets to this summer’s Allman Brothers Band tour at our auction site.

The web address is

The first set of 9 pairs is up and running with more to follow very soon.

The shows that are general admission will not have tix available with the exception of the Atlantic City show, which does have a reserved seat balcony. So we offered the front row center balcony for our folks who like to sit and watch the show, like the front row of the loge at our beloved Beacon Theatre. Those, I feel, are the best seats in NYC.

As always, the proceeds from the auction go towards the funding of the Allman Brothers Band museum project at the Big House in Macon, GA and all money above the face value of the ticket is tax deductible.
The Big House Foundation is a 501c3 classification tax deductable non-profit foundation. Further info can be found at:

We love you all and will see you all soon somewhere out there on the road that goes on forever.


The Tour Mystic


Thank you, Kirky! This was fun! You’ll have to come back and do it again real soon. We love you, and Kirsten too. Please give her a hug for us when you get back to GA.

Speaking of Georgia, a shout out to Hophead (zenning positive healing vibes your way), Don C., Barb & Gregg, and Donna Hopkins (you rock, girl!)

Take care and know that *you* are loved,

Lana and Rowland


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