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Hey sweet family,

Happy Wednesday, and we have to admit to feeling a bit disoriented talking about the Beacon in July! But tonight’s the night, and we admit to being a little jealous for those of you who managed to arrange your lives to attend tonight’s Mid-year Madness show.

In all seriousness though, what an important cause, and kudos to GA and the gang for arranging –their– busy lives to do this benefit show. The Tune In To HepC website is open at and we encourage you to visit the site and help spread the word and provide your support so we can wipe out this insidious disease.

The Beacon show is not the only benefit going on this week — on August 1 and 2, our man Butch Trucks is sitting in with Great Caesar’s Ghost at the Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY. They play ABB music and more — hope you can see the shows and here’s the link for all the details:

While we’re talking Trucks, Butch has launched a blog that is guaranteed to challenge your thinking. You may agree or disagree with him — but you won’t be bored! Bookmark this one as Butch is updating it often:

Our friends over at Hittin’ The Note have also been busy and the long awaited 2011 Beacon Box is here! This one is a labor of love – and whether you can make tonight’s show or not, and whether you made it to NY this year (we did, wow!) or not, you will love, love, love these shows! All 13 2011 Beacon shows -and- the 2011 Wanee concerts too. It comes in a nice “roadie” style case in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Fillmore East recorrding, and includes a 32 page CD booklet with exclusive photos and a copy of this year’s 28 page Beacon program. And … if you already bought some of the 2011 Beacon shows from Hititn’ The Note, you will get a credit for them – now that’s customer friendly!

Think of how many times you can make your commute, mow the lawn, and log miles on the tread mill without a repeat if you have all these shows. Banish Musical Boredom!

Here’s the link:

Dynamic Duo Dilemma? Our editors at HTN magazine faced one! Both Warren and Derek have great new CD’s out — which one should go on the cover? This is really hard!! Wait, I know — we’ll do TWO covers! No joke, this month’s HTN magazine comes in two flavors, a Warren one and a Derek one. We’ll let you decide which is the raspberry and which is the strawberry. (don’t think too hard).

When you’re through your own personal dilemma over that question, have a look for yourself and pick one to put on the top of your reading stack:

In the “we love computers” arena, all the Hittin’ The Web sites are up on a new server at a new host. So far performance has been snappy, but send a PM or email to Rowland if you notice anything we didn’t get quite right. We have been with our old host for many years, through several acquisitions, but over the course of this year the performance and service kept declining. Last straw was when they emailed us and told us we had three weeks to rebuild everything from scratch on a new machine. We did that, performance was even worse, so we said bye-bye and hopefully have found a good new home for the next ten years!

OK, that’s it for now… back to Beacon Dreams and if you go, upload your photos and reviews!

Take care and know that you are loved,

Rowland and Lana


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