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Newsletter: 12-30-2010 Moogis Rides Again Peach-o-Gram!

Hey there sweet family,

More good news to share — Moogis will be web-casting the Beacon shows and the Wanee Festival in 2011!

If this has you too excited to read the rest of this Peach-o-Gram, you can just head over to and sign up. Go ahead, we won’t be insulted! But if you have a minute, we’ll share with you why this is so special.

Thousands of you wrote to tell us you were blown away by the quality of the streaming video from the Beacon in 2009, and the United Palace and Wanee Festival shows in 2010. The Forum at was full of postings about how cool the Moogis webcasts were – and of course, how amazing the music was! Excellent sound and video, and top notch production values gave our favorite fABBulous music a deserving showcase.

It was great fun to watch the shows and chat with fans around the world who were also watching at the same time.

Every day, people write to us asking “when are the Brothers coming to my town?” Well, if you have the Internet, the answer is “March 2011” — and not just to your town, but to your house! Join the global Allman Brothers Band extended family as we tune in together and enjoy these special shows.

Of course, if you can make it to NY or FL, come to the shows live. But even if you are there, here’s a way to see the shows you can’t make it to in person. Come to some, Moogis the rest!

As always, we want to give the family a break, so if you sign up for the webcasts before February 1, 2011, you will get special pricing. And also as always, for the price of a subscription you can enjoy the entire Moogis archive of shows at any time, not just during the live broadcast.

Divide the number of incredible ABB shows you can watch on Moogis into the price of the subscription and you’ll see the cost per show is less than what you’d pay for a beer at one!

There are plenty of good guides available on the Internet for hooking your PC up to your TV set and watching streaming video on a bigger screen in the comfort of your TV viewing room — take a tip from us and get this working now, start enjoying the Moogis archive shows, and get stoked for the Beacon!

Thanks to Butch and the Moogis team for all the effort that goes into making this happen for us. It’s a wonderful gift for us to be able to share this music around the world as well as in person at the Beacon and Wanee.

To subscribe, go to:

and follow the instructions on the homepage.

Counting down to 2011 and another great season of ABB!

Take care and know that you are loved,

Rowland and Lana


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