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Newsletter: 12/22/10 – Pre-Release Specials on Gregg

Hey there sweet family,

It’s a very special time of year… we are feeling warm and fuzzy (at least when we come inside from the unusually cold NC December!) and hope you are too. We are really looking forward to seeing our family and friends and sharing the holidays together. We know that this time can be wonderful – and stressful too. All of us who are feeling loved and secure, let’s reach out and share some of those good feelings with those who need comfort and reassurance – that’s the essence of the spirit of this season! And for those of you who find spiritual joy and comfort at this time of year, know that we join you in that sense of thankfulness and wonder.

And of course this season is also about sharing gifts with each other, and we are very jazzed (blues’d?) about the wonderful gift of a new Gregg Allman CD after a 13 year hiatus. We have been listening to a pre-release of this CD for several days now and we can tell you it is a gem – well worth the wait. As you know, it’s called “Low Country Blues” and has Gregg teaming up with some of the best players around: Dr. John, Doyle Bramlett II, Dennis Crouch and Jay Bellerose, on 11 classic blues tunes and one new song written by Gregg and Warren. This CD rocks!

The release date of the CD is January 18, 2011, but we have a special opportunity for you to enjoy three tracks from it before Christmas. Gregg has authorized a pre-sale featuring a digital download and it is available – now!

There are six different packages to choose from, ranging from a digital download of the CD (three tracks today, the rest of the CD on or before the January 18 release date) to a limited edition deluxe package – only 300 copies available – that includes a beautifully artistic poster personally autographed by Gregg.

There is a gorgeous tee shirt, and even a copy of the album that is actually – ta-da – an “album.” Yes, vinyl lives!

We love this assortment of packages. There is something here for every budget, and the extras are lovingly put together just for this offer with care and thoughtfulness, not just “thrown in” items that were lying around the warehouse.

If you haven’t already, you can still download a free copy of the Just Another Rider track to get a taste of this very cool CD. You need this on your music player!

The details are all available on-line at .

We expect a big response so keep trying if you don’t get through right away.

We think you will like what you see and join us in saying “Thanks Gregg, and Happy Holidays to You Too!”

From our home to yours – the warmest greetings of the season.

Take care and know that you and your family are especially loved,

Rowland and Lana


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