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HTW Fam-o-Gram for September 14, 2003

Good Sunday evening… or Monday morning as the case may be…

Thanks for your kind replies to last week’s Peach-o-Gram. As I promised, here’s a followup with some more news and happenin’s with the Fam’ here at HTW. The theme here is new stuff — new CD’s, new HTW sites. Let’s get into it…

There’s been -so much- great new music lately it’s hard to know where to start!! But let’s start with Brother Derek Trucks — he just released a wonderful new CD, Soul Serenade. The title of this grabbed me right away, as Duane Allman played some of Soul Serenade during the last show I ever saw him play, ironically in memory of King Curtis, who had been murdered the week before. I’m sure Derek knows about Duane’s love of King Curtis, and it certainly touches me when he gives a nod in Duanes’ direction. Thanks Bro…

You can find Derek’s CD by going to his web site and following the links… there are a limited number of signed copies available, too. Click “Derek Trucks” at the top of, skip the Flash Intro to Derek’s site, and you’ll find links to buy the CD from Sony. It’s also available at

If you’ve clicked the “Other HTW Sites” links lately, you may have noticed that the HTW family keeps growing! New kids on the block:

* Aquarium Rescue Unit: We are proud to have join HTW. Paul Kelly, “horacegammet” on HTW, has put this site on the air and has also released a “new” Aquarium Rescue Unit CD, “The Calling” which you can find details about on the home page. It is getting RAVE reviews from the Zambi nation visitors to ARU-land. Sean O’Rourke feels this is the first ARU recording that really captured the drums as well as he would like… Sean also helps out with the site, and you can PM him as SeanORourke. The ARU site has a very cool Zambi vibe as you can imagine… come on by and wear something bright… or nothing at all 😉 !!

* Tommy Gallagher: Tommy aka “Southpaw” on HTW is a talented writer and musician — and has chosen to make HTW his home on the web. Tommy spreads good vibes all around HTW — and now he’s going to prove his generosity extends beyond posting. Here’s your reward for reading this closely! Be one of the first 100 to go to, click the link under the Welcome message, follow the directions and Tommy will send you a free copy of his CD, “Love & Politics” — is that cool or what?! Thanks Tommy! It’s a wonderful CD showcasing Tommy’s passions, wit, and sense of humor. Enjoy!!

* Donna Hopkins — has joined the family too! Ron “Hophead” Currens brought Donna to our attention a while back — and sent a few CD’s from her live performances. Wow! Donna has “it!” Excellent, excellent stuff. I was hooked from the first notes of “Don’t Ask Why,” which is also Ron’s HTW signature — and I don’t have to ask why! Congrats to Donna on pressing her second thouand copies of “Free To Go,” her CD. You can hear sound clips from it on her site, and buy it directly from her, which I predict you will do after listening!

* Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek —, with none other than the Princess of Peach, Miz’ Sheyenne Michelizzi, doing the web mastering chores. You can PM Sheyenne at SheyenneMichelizzi and tell her she’s doing a great job, ‘cuz she is! This is HTW’s home town amphitheatre, and it’s where the ABB have played every year since it opened. Heck, the Mayor planted a tree in the ABB’s honor this year! So of course we had to do their web site ;-). Go to the site, find the ABB show in August, and you’ll even find some pictures from the presentation by the Mayor!

* The Good Life Rhythm & Blues Revue, also know simply as The GLRBR, at, is another superb band to join the HTW family. Ron “goldtop” Tomasello is one of the founders of the band and plays a Dickey Betts looking… Goldtop! (I know, what a shock!). And play that thing he does… man, do we have a talented family!!! No wonder people are mumbling about a Peach Fest with all the bands playing together… but that’s for another day and another o-gram! The GLRBR has elements of the ABB, the Dead, Santana… but it is not a copy of any of them. You can hear it yourself in the sound clips from Jus’ Kiddin’, their new CD, on their site. There are some very nice live performances in circulation too — come to their Guest Book and Forum and perhaps you can get hooked up with one. I can personally vouch for the Zayante Summer Hoedown show being a killer — including a great rendition of Dreams!

* Dusty Sommers, at, is the most recent long-time family member to become a HTW site member. Welcome Dusty! His handle at HTW is… Dusty! What, no nickname? Just using your own name? Unheard of!! Uh… oh that’s right, I do that too… and so does Lana… and so does… Pam! and Pam, who is one of the gang that keeps the Forums humming in ABB-land, is handling the Admin reins at Dusty’s site, so y’all should feel right at home. Swing by, say Hi!, give a listen to the tracks from Dusty’s latest CD, “Blues Take Me Home…” Dusty plays with a natural, raw, settin’ on the porch watchin’ the sun go down style reminiscent of the blues masters… he wields a powerful bottleneck slide guitar and has a blues-worn voice that is perfect for the task too! Dusty racked up some amazing sales records with his first CD and I’m sure he’ll do even better with his new one.

One of the nicest things about all the new sites is that there are familiar HTW faces behind all of them… so don’t be shy, come visit them all and believe me the folks who keep them polished and shiny for your enjoyment will really appreciate -your- attention! (non-subtle version: that means post in the Forum and Guest Book, leave comments, post reviews, etc….!!!)

The existing HTW family of The Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman and Friends, Dickey Betts & Great Southern, Matt Barranti, Oteil Burbridge, Flying Frog Records, and Mark May welcome the new HTW sites on board!

Hmmm… I realize this is getting awfully long but I feel like I’ve forgotten one more CD… what was that band… ?? Oh yeah! Doh!!! The Allman Brothers Band!

You thought the Atlanta Pop Festival release (see the ABB home page if you don’t know what I’m talking about) would be your “fix” of archival ABB for 2003, didn’t you? Nope, there’s -another- ABB archival release out! The Allman Brothers Band — SUNY Stony Brook, September 19, 1971. It has a recording of Dreams that will knock you out. You can buy this double CD gem from Kid Glove Enterprises at

OK, was I tellin’ the truth… despite what you may hear, there is a LOT of great music out these days!!

And, as I said a few days ago… all together now, “Red Rocks! Red Rocks! Red Rocks!!!!” (Search ABB calendar for Sept. 19 if you’re scratching your head wondering if I’ve lost my mind… Red Rocks is not just a concert, it’s a Spiritual Awakening!).

’til next time, take good care of yourself and know that you are loved,

Rowland and the HTW crew


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