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Gregg Allman’s Search for Simplicity Has Found a Home

Searching For Simplicity

Gregory Stacey JasminePhoto & Story By: James Palmer
For: Macon Magazine

It’s not what you’d expect. Here’s Gregg Allman, legendary rocker with deep Macon roots, moving force of one of Southern rock’s most enduring bands, cradling a toy … poodle?

“This is Jasmine,” Allman said of the 14-year-old poodle the singer/songwriter holds as he and his wife, Stacey, welcome visitors into their home near Savannah.

When you think of Gregg Allman, many images could come to mind. But it’s unlikely they would reflect the reality that finds the man – known for his hard-living, hard-driving ways – now at peace with the world and himself.

“I think Gregg, now, is in total the cat you used to see flashes of. You knew all that warmth and goodness were there. Now he’s such a joy to be around. We live together (when the band tours). It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing to be around Gregg now,” said Kirk West.

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