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Allman Brothers Band
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

North Carolina
October 3, 2009

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Mountain Jam
20 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
30 – Stormy Monday
40 – Statesboro Blues
50 – Anyday
60 – with Paul Riddle, drums
70 – Trouble No More
80 – with Paul Riddle, drums
90 – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
100 – Encore
110 – One Way Out
120 – Gregg Allman was on guitar for the entire show.
130 – Danny Louis was on Keyboards and Hammond B3 for the entire show.
140 – Jimmy Herring played guitar for the entire show.
160 – Warren Haynes did not play.

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08/30/2010 peachstarr

Listened to this show a bunch recently and I have to say that it’s awesome. Jimmy always tears it up and the Mountain Jam is pretty hot.

The real gem is Anyday – solid tune with a great Blue Sky jam that was a real treat to hear.

now way this show is a dog.

05/14/2010 scopepin

This was one of the best shows of the year. Jimmy Herring and Derek more than adequately made up for the misfortune that Warren was not there. And to watch Gregg start “One Way Out” ( a little slow but damn LOL) on electric guitar and see the look on Derek’s face was a once in a lifetime experience. This was the best “Stormy Monday” I have heard in years and “Statesboro Blues” jam was uniquely incredible … not the usual signature version. I only wish this show were on Moogis video archives. The Instant Live is well worth the $$$. I was in Charlotte both nights as well as Raleigh the following weekend and this show was second to none.

11/11/2009 revonah

To me, this looks like the best show of the summer. Here’s why. In a word, improvization.
In a few more words, Jimmy and Derek.
My ABB dream show is a one hour Mt Jam, plus
Elizabeth Reed, Les Brers, Dreams, you get
the point. When I heard that Warren was out
and Gregg was not up to full strength I thought, “man, what an opportunity for Jimmy
to play all night with Derek, on extended jam
tunes”. That is exactly what they did and I cannot wait to hear this show. I know that
your average fan was probably a little disappointed, I understand that. For those
of us who are diehards, we loved. well, I loved

10/07/2009 F308bvc

Apparently, Warren missed his flight to Charlotte and was not there Sat and Gregg had a pinched nerve that affested two of his fingers on his right hand and could not play the keyboard. This is what I was told.
Sun all was back to normal.

10/06/2009 RobertShaw

I have seen last four concerts in Charlotte with ABB. This one was disappointing. The first song seemed confused and like they were stalling. Gregg was not on stage for first 30 minutes. His vocals were excellent when he was on stage. No Warren, No Gregg on keys, only 8 songs. Out of 2 hours of concert Gregg was on stage 1 hour. Compared to the next night in Charlotte we got ripped off. Sunday’s show looked like a winner. Just disappointed.

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