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Charter One Pavilion

September 1, 2009

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Done Somebody Wrong
20 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
30 – Woman Across The River
40 – Hot 'Lanta
50 – Stand Back
60 – Revival
80 – Only You Know And I Know
90 – with Dave Mason, guitar & vocals; Alvino Bennett, drums
100 – Feelin' Alright
110 – with Dave Mason, guitar & vocals; Alvino Bennett, drums
120 – Dreams
130 – The Sky Is Crying
140 – with Buddy Guy, guitar
150 – You Don't Love Me
160 – with Buddy Guy, guitar
170 – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
180 – Encore
190 – Melissa
200 – Trouble No More

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09/02/2009 fmplaw

I do not think it necessary to do “research” prior to attending a concert, particularly when, during the last 10 years in Chicago, the Allmans have sold out every venue at which they have played, notwithstanding the tedious talents of a number of opening acts. But I will accept your invitation and “research” the next time Panic performs 15 consecutive concerts at the Beacon with 62 supportive guests; when that happens, I will concede that “Panic is no more an opening act than ABB”.

09/02/2009 reformedtaper

FMPlaw, for a lawyer you certainly didn’t do much research. FYI, these shows have been billed as Co-Headline acts. Panic is no more an opening act than ABB. If you are going tonight and show up at the same time, you’ll be half way through Panic’s set and see the whole ABB show as the two bands are alternating who closes the shows.

09/01/2009 fmplaw

Tell your promoters to get their act together. I bought tickets for tonight’s ALLMAN BROTHERS show at Charter One, NOT Widespread Panic, the advertised opener. When I got to the venue an hour late intending to skip another opening act I could not care less about, I found the Allmans already had played more than half their set and ended 45 minutes later. The smattering of applause for an encore was indicative of a crowd that was confused at best and ambivalent at worst. This tour was supposed to be a celebration of an icon of a band that has played together for more than 40 years – ACT LIKE IT; THE ALLMANS ARE NOT AN OPENER.