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Gorge Amphi

May 16, 2009

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Mountain Jam
20 – Trouble No More
30 – Leave My Blues at Home
40 – Good Morning Little School Girl
50 – Statesboro Blues
60 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
70 – New Instrumental
80 – Midnight Rider
90 – Who's Been Talking
100 – Black Hearted Woman
110 – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
120 – > drums > IMOER reprise

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Comments from Original ABB Site

06/09/2009 pinhead

Unbelievable show. The set list is wrong as I bought the show at the concert. I smile every time I listen to it. Can not get enough. I am old enough that I saw them with Duane, Barry and Dickie. Derek, Oteil and Warren just keep getting better and pump new life into Greg and the rest. Can not wait for my next show.

05/30/2009 gsu8406

I’m glad u said something, man. My little bro brought me the instant live back from the gorge and the last track didn’t match the set list on this site. Incredible show! That New Instrumental was killer! Can’t wait to see them at Wanee next weekend!

05/21/2009 Breck

The show ended with IMER. I also believe the middle instrumental was Egypt and not the new one but I might be wrong on this? I am not that familiar with the new one and to me it sounded like what I remember of Egypt tune. Can’t wait to find some tapes of this show. I saw SBD for sale but did not pick one up. I understand HTN may carry it. I hope they do! 3 instrumentals!

05/20/2009 Troublenomo

oh, yeah, and Butch sitting behind his shredding son just makes those beats pop out of the PA. I hope you’re feelin’ better.

Jaimoe, Moogis, and Oteil were onfire as well

05/20/2009 Troublenomo

Derek is the biggest shredder on the planet (Jimi is on Saturn).

Warren Haynes is the hardest working man in the jam band business.

Greg Allman looks and sounds better than he did in the 70’s.

Elizabeth Reed was off the hook. God, I hope I find this show someday.

05/20/2009 IanRufe

At firs I thought I must have been really messed up, because I didn’t remember the Dreams or Revival. Glad someone corrected the setlists- I do remember the Liz Reed. Great show! Mountain jam was super appropriate!

05/20/2009 druid

Interesting error in the setlist. Was that the Brothers’ original plan?

The Other One jam was a monster, most intense music played all day. ABB totally threw down.

05/20/2009 other1jam

The above is correct!
I bought the Instant Live & the show ends with Liz Reed after the Black Hearted Woman with the monster Other One jam (I would know!!! 😉

There was NO Dreams & NO Revival!!

05/19/2009 mrltt

I believe this show ended with Liz Reed and that both Dreams and Revival were NOT played. Black Hearted Woman contained a monster Other One jam.

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