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Piedmont Park

September 8, 2007

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01/21/2009 Breck

Check out Other one Jam towards end of Black hearted women it smokes! Crazy hot!

09/11/2007 mnini

am i understanding you correctly…..the ABB were “very special guests” for the piedmont park show….meaning they were the OPENING act ?!?!?!??!!!??? i can’t believe that !! sure, dave matthews is hot today…but the Allmans, in piedmont park, first time in 35 years…..where is the justice ? the respect ? i’m boggled.

09/10/2007 JustLynn

While music was Grt, I too was dissappointed:
1) that ABB had such a short set, and 2) there were sooooo many kids elbowing me (I’m only 4’10 1/2″) and they all forgot the manners their mamas taught them, it was hard to really enjoy. Plus the event was so disorganized – supposed to be a ‘GREEN’ concert and you were expected to pick up after yourselves but trash cans were not conveniently located and it was difficult to carry out crushed beer cans and empty water bottles unless you had a bag to carry them in.

09/10/2007 besotoxico

There is a DMB recording from this show, so there must a recording of ABB

09/09/2007 JacksonStreetBand

This was an awesome show. First off, It was the most people I had ever seen.. More than 50,000..I was lucky enough to be there early enough to be center stage about 30 ft. back.

The band members were in great spirits and playing well. Warren was blazing hot throughout the whole set. Awesome. However, I can agree with the comments about this not being the conventional GA show. It’s a shame the brothers were a “very special guest”. I guess the were worried about overstaying their welcome.

Still an awesome show. I was so happy to see them back in Atlanta again.

09/09/2007 asufish

While this show was fun, I was kind of disappointed in the set list. The guys were home and didn’t bring the heat I expected. Greg did Melissa with DMB and Warren played the song before with DMB. It just wasn’t the GA show I expected. I also expected a couple of special guests due to the concert ( green show ), maybe I am just getting too old and expecting too much these days.

09/09/2007 thedeadhead

Trouble No More
Aint Wastin Time No More
Hot Lanta
Woman Across The River
Midnight Rider
Statesboro Blues
Hoochie Coochie Man
Come And Go Blues
One Way Out
Black Hearted Woman
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
Mountain Jam (Reprise)

Whipping Post

05/31/2007 Holt

woah! this sounds awesome.