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Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre
New York

New York
April 8, 2007

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Jessica
20 – Done Somebody Wrong
30 – Black Hearted Woman
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – Soulshine
60 – with David Sanborn, sax
70 – The High Cost Of Low Living
80 – Mojo Boogie
90 – with Johnny Winter, guitar & vocals
100 – Blackjack
110 – with Johnny Winter, guitar & vocals
120 – All Tore Down
130 – with Johnny Winter, guitar & vocals
140 – Set II
150 – In A Silent Way
160 – with Ravi Coltrane, sax
170 – Whipping Post
180 – Melissa
190 – Franklin's Tower
200 – with Tony Leone, drums; Jimmy Vivino, guitar
210 – Desdemona
220 – with David Sanborn, sax
230 – No One To Run With
240 – Encore
250 – One Way Out
260 – with Taylor Hicks, harp
270 – Revival

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Submitted by: john miller on: 04/10/2007
Submitted by: john miller on: 04/10/2007
Submitted by: john miller on: 04/10/2007
Submitted by: john miller on: 04/10/2007
Submitted by: john miller on: 04/10/2007
Submitted by: CB Rollins on: 04/09/2007


05/03/2007 deltaleadr

Where can we get one of those cool red Skydog T-Shirts that Jaimoe was wearing at the last Beacon show?

04/15/2007 Nikola

scarlet>fire would fit in nicely

04/11/2007 jchasin

In the outro jam to “Black Hearted Woman,” which is comprised of fast triplets (1-2-3, 1-2-3….), the band has inserted an “Other One” jam this run, which is appropriate because in the past folks have debated whether the actual BHW coda jam was supposed to be a nod to TOO. Each time I heard BHW this run (all 4 times) they did the Other One jam; I’d call it like this:

Black Hearted Woman > outro > TOO jam > BHW outro

04/10/2007 darkstar1989

yes there was def a other one jam on sunday night….i saw 4 of these shows and i heard another other one jam earlier in the run. Franklins was such a treat, and boy that guy from conon jimmy can play man…he ripped it. Oh thanks oteil for the little martha jam before the encore. Great run guys thanks for everything. When i left on sunday i said this will be the last time i see the allmans at this beacon theatre. Man, i have been seeing these guys since high school at the beacon it is certainly the end of an era. you guys should have played an eyes of the world.

04/10/2007 sgavosto

I could have sworn they played The Other One Jam in the first 4 songs or so… can someone please let me know?


04/10/2007 deltaleadr

Took my 3 older boys 16, 14 & 12 to their 1st Allman’s Show, Darek was very nice and signed for them! The show was amazing! See you over the summer and next March at the Beacon! Johnny Winter sounded great!

Hope the Bros and crew have a good trip down to Wannee!

03/28/2007 Holt

Hmm I wonder if Phil Lesh will show up as a guest? He’ll be in NYC the next two days.