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Calvert Marine Museum

July 2, 2006

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Jessica
20 – Statesboro Blues
30 – Every Hungry Woman
40 – Rocking Horse
50 – Trouble No More
60 – Stormy Monday
70 – Southbound
80 – Midnight Rider
90 – Done Somebody Wrong
100 – Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?
110 – Franklin's Tower
120 – No One To Run With
130 – The Same Thing
140 – with James van der Bogert, drums
150 – Freebird
160 – Oteil Burbridge bass solo
170 – Revival
180 – Encore
190 – One Way Out

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02/05/2007 Breck

Seems “Done Somebody Wrong” did not happen at this show as listed on the “offical” set list. Not on my IL after a quick scan.

07/14/2006 caerdydd

Allman Brothers Band
Calvert Marine Museum, Solomon’s Island, MD
Jul 2, 2006 (Sun)

Thought this show was actually going to be in the museum. didn’t know it would be outside. There was some fair going on across the street, and the place was packed. took some time getting into the venue. line for will call was long. they had a food area, and had Coors products on draught. Blue Moon yumyum. Well getting up to Solomon’s from Quantico, VA, as soon as i hit the Wilson Bridge, torrential downpour. stayed that way until i got about 20 miles North/West of Solomons. Sky was foreboding. Band got on stage about 7:45. I was thinking this would be a 40 minute show based on the rain i knew was coming, and judging by the rickety shallow stage they were on, i knew the rain would blow in horizontally. The sound was good. They started off with Jessica and moved into a rocking Statesboro. Every hungry woman was a keeper as well. after that, Gregg looked to the sky and said we all better start doing the rain dance. Warren took the mic and said they were playing a tune off their newest cd, hittin the note, and went in Rocking Horse. The band was jamming, and the sky started pouring. About 7 minutes into the song, the power went out, and i thought this was the end. the band never missed a beat, and you could still hear Butch and company wailing away, and amazingly as soon as the song was going into its final verse, the power came on. It was funny seeing the crew scrambling putting up a makeshift cone of silence around Gregg’s equip and plastic over the amps and monitors. They then went directly into Southbound. Derek keeps getting better and better everytime i see him. i caught the bros at Nissan which also had torrential downpours.
Gregg then came on a said it was nuthin but a little liquid sunshine and said we were a bunch of solid folks. They proceeded into Stormy Monday quite appropos. I remember a Midnight Rider, and then an amazing display from Derek on Why does love have to be so sad…Touring with Clapton has its benefits. Derek deftly took the lead for the entire song, and it was cool seeing Warren pound out the rhythm. This was followed immediately by Franklins tower sung by Otiel. there were some guitar mishaps technically on this one. Otiel sounded great. Gregg sang no one left to run with and then Warren took over with the same thing that makes a preacher lay his bible down. Drums and some Otiel were sammiched between the same thing. after drums, Otiel started singing through his bass and did an abbreviated Free Bird no *****! followed directly with the ending of The Same Thing. the show ended with a rousing revival and Encore of One Way Out. Another great show. Can’t wait until Raleigh in August. I might have missed some songs, as i didn’t have anything to write on after the deluge. Any Corrections?

Statesboro Blues
Every Hungry Woman
Stormy Monday
Midnight Rider
Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad
Franklin’s Tower
No One Left to Run With
The Same Thing>
Otiel>Freebird>The Same Thing
E: One Way Out

07/14/2006 allmansrvvegas

What was the setlist for this show

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