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Allman Brothers Band
New York State Fair

New York
August 27, 2005

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
20 – Trouble No More
30 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – Stormy Monday
60 – Every Hungry Woman
70 – Dreams To Remember
75 – with the Jukes Horns*
80 – Firing Line
90 – Statesboro Blues
100 – Into The Mystic
105 – with the Jukes Horns*
110 – The Same Thing
115 – with the Jukes Horns*
116 – and with Joe Bilia, drums
120 – Jessica
130 – Encore
140 – Midnight Rider
150 – Southbound
160 – with the Jukes Horns*
170 – The Jukes Horns are: La Bamba, trombone; Chris Anderson, trumpet
180 – Ed Manion, baritone sax; Joey Stamn, tenor sax

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05/30/2007 petesr

A treat for all who were attending the New York State Fair. The ABB played to a small(about 5000) but excited crowd. As the tour busses started to pull in all were anxious as to what song they would open with. The set was well composed and left fans of all ages satisfied. It should also be noted that the Juke Horns joined the band for several songs with Southbound and Into The Mystic being incredbly better with the addition and assistance of the horns. A very good show and many longtime fans were meeting during the show

08/28/2005 zimbo

1.Don~t keep me Wondwerin`;2.Trouble No More;3.A`int Wastin`Time No More;4.Woman Across the River; 5.Stormy Monday;6.Every Hungary Woman;7.Dreams to Remember(Juke horns);8.Firing Line; 9.Statesboro Blues;10.Into The Mystic(Juke horns);11.Same Thing(Juke horns);12;Jessica; Encores; Midnight Rider;Southbound(Juke horns)
GReat show,but no drum solos.

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