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Allman Brothers Band
Rosemont Theatre

August 13, 2005

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Don't Want You No More
20 – It's Not My Cross To Bear
30 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
40 – Every Hungry Woman
50 – Dimples
55 – with Ron Holloway, sax
60 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
70 – Stand Back
80 – Stormy Monday
90 – Hot 'Lanta
95 – with Ron Holloway, sax
100 – Franklin's Tower
105 – with Ron Holloway, sax
110 – Dreams
111 – with Ron Holloway, sax
120 – Leave My Blues at Home
130 – Jessica
140 – Encore
150 – Whipping Post
155 – with Ron Holloway, sax
160 – Jack Pearson played in place of Warren Haynes tonight

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Submitted by: Sang on: 08/17/2005
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08/20/2005 rockfish23

I, too, was unsure about Jack filling in. I was so wrong. JP kicked ass. Did not miss Warren and “Soulshine” at all. Very welcome change, for sure.

08/17/2005 nadlewis

I was also VERY dissapointed to learn that Warren wouldn’t be playing! Damn who’s this fill in? Wait a minute this is good, NO GREAT! And the sax … OH YEAH! Yet one more flavor of the music and the band I love!

08/14/2005 crazyjoe

Can’t dispute one word You guys said, this show smoked ass. PEACE…Joe

08/14/2005 blackhawk

I’m not gonna lie, when I read on Friday night that Warren Haynes would miss the first week of the tour, my emotions ran from mad to disappointed, but I also knew that if someone had to fill in Jack Pearson was the man. Now don’t get me wrong I truely missed Warren not being there, but Jack & Ron Holloway were awesome, the above review was right on, an incredible show from start to finish, and to end the show, 16 and a half minutes of Jessica and a 17 minute encore of Whipping Post, this is truly the greatest live band ever, LONG LIVE THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND

08/14/2005 marksundevil

From the first note of my favorite ABB opening, Don’t want you no more/Aint my cross to bear, to the last note of my favorite encore, Whipping Post, The Bros. proved again why they are beyond a shadow of a doubt, the greatest live musical act ever! In a set filled with all old classics except for Franklins Tower, the ABB jammed and jammed and jammed some more hitting notes culminating in multiple crescendos leaving their audiance nothing short of spellbound. Jack Pearson, sitting in for Warren, did a hell of a job streching out on numerous solos and trading licks with “the kid”. Jack’s style is a cross between Dickey and Warren with a touch of Johnny Winter thrown in. Also sitting in with the band was a sax player who literally blew the roof of the Rosemont Theatre. Who is this guy, who would put a Clarence Clemmons to shame? I’ve never heard nor seen a Sax man attack this style of music the way this man did last night. Don’t Keep Me Wondering and Stormy Monday were two highlights of the evening. Stormy Monday was so “bluesfull” and powerfull that I’m sure T-bone Walker had a smile from ear to ear up in heaven. Greg was on his game tonight and his vocals have never sounded better. If you closed your eyes during Don’t Keep Me Wondering, you would have been convinced that you were at a Fillmore show circa 1970 or 1971. The #1 highlight had to be a streached out version of Dimples that as far as I know has never been played like this before. The ABB remind me of a great team in sports like the Detroit Pistons of a year ago, where individually they are real good but collectivly as a group they are great, all playing together to achieve the ultimate prize. The ultimate prize for me is the memory of this nights concert that I will carry with me forever. LONG LIVE THE GREATEST BAND EVER, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND!

08/14/2005 wallybrewing

It’s Not My Cross To Bear
Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
Every Hungry Woman
Dimples **
Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More
Stand Back
Stormy Monday
Hot ‘Lanta **
Franklins Tower
Leave My Blues At Home
Drums>Leave My Blues At Home
Encore-Whipping Post **

07/29/2005 zinger

Any buses set up for this show from the burbs? Anyone interested in setting one up?