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Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing

July 23, 2005

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Mountain Jam
20 – Statesboro Blues
30 – Ain't Wastin' Time No More
40 – Southbound
50 – Trouble No More
60 – Stormy Monday
70 – Hot 'Lanta
80 – Franklin's Tower
90 – You Don't Love Me
100 – Dreams
110 – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
120 – Encore
130 – One Way Out
140 – Warren Haynes was ill and did not play entire show
150 – Ron Holloway played sax on all songs

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08/20/2005 kdrey1979

Please can someone help me out with this show??

07/25/2005 Music_geek

I heard Warren was across the river for some WXPN music festival doing a solo set and never came back to join the Allmans.

07/24/2005 hbmason

Moe did open, and the show was over around 1045

07/24/2005 bandbrothersall

Does anyone know if Moe opened for them at the festival pier? Also around what time did the concert end? Thanks

07/24/2005 susea

Oh God, We all hope that Warren is OK. I’m sure Derek was smoking. And the sax player is probably Ron Holloway.

07/24/2005 hbmason

No Warren!! He has done so much he must of been really sick not to be there. How come there was no sit in guitarist? Derek played great but what makes the Allman Brothers Band Great is the2 guitarists. The Sax was nice for a song or two, Where was Moe, how come they didn’t join in? A Weak show at a even weaker venue!!

07/24/2005 champions26

Awesome show tonight, but very different I’d say seeing as they only had one guitarist. Warren is apparently very sick (I’m sure if he just he a mild cold he would have played) and did not appear at all so Derek was left to carry the weight of the show as the only guitarist. Despite having a saxophone player for the entire show (and he kicked ass actually–but I didn’t catch his name–anyone know who he was?) you could tell that their sound was not as rich tonight as it would normally be, minus a guitar player. Still Derek held his own and was on fire at various times during the show–most notably with a killer solo during Dreams where he broke a string in the middle and even continued to play despite that. Anyway, even without Warren, the setlist was great and the rest of the band held it together. Here’s the setlist:

Mountain Jam
Statesboro Blues
Ain’t Wasting Time No More
Trouble No More
Stormy Monday
Hot ‘Lanta
Franklin’s Tower (Oteil on vocals)
You Don’t Love Me
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

One Way Out

Hope Warren gets better soon…

07/23/2005 PonyBoy

Someone please post a setlist for this show when you can — I had tickets and planned to travel from Pittsburgh, but now can’t make it. I gotta see what I’m gonna be missing tonight!