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May 14, 2005

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Statesboro Blues
20 – Midnight Rider
30 – Trouble No More
40 – The Same Thing
50 – Done Somebody Wrong
60 – Sailin' 'Cross The Devil's Sea
70 – Soulshine
80 – Good Morning Little School Girl
90 – Dreams
100 – Melissa
110 – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
120 – Southbound
130 – Encore
140 – One Way Out
150 – Jack Pearson subbed for Derek the entire show

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Comments from Original ABB Site

06/11/2005 MJo

My first ABB show too, and not last——-would love to relive that night with tape of it, please help!

05/21/2005 tnjazzgrass

Gregg forgot the words.

05/19/2005 smmiller1972

It sounded to me like Gregg missed the start or something, that was ok though, we just got to hear that killer openeing riff for a few bars.
The Brothers blew Skynyrd away. After seeing Skynyrd in concert I think it is time for them to hang it up. They pretty much are just a cover band now.

05/18/2005 bofuvus

Really missed Derek, but Jack was a great stand-in. Can somebody tell me happened on “Sailin’ Across the Devils’s Sea”? Gregg either lost the words or somebody was throwing him off. The only hitch in a great concert (except for the fist-fight at the end of my row… left over Skynyrd rednecks). I’m constantly amazed at Warren as a professional. He carried the guitar load for the missing Derek with some of the best licks I’ve ever heard come from his axe. Thinking about chasing them down to Tampa on the weekend. Thanks ABB.

05/17/2005 smmiller1972

My first time seeing The Allman Brothers! Without a doubt the best concert I have seen in my life. From the opening licks of Statesboro Blues I could not set down! I wish they had played all night.

05/15/2005 Holt

🙂 Lookin’ forward to hearin’ this. Now if they can just get him to join them at Bonnaroo for a few.

05/15/2005 Holt

Statesboro Blues
Midnight Rider
Trouble No More
The Same Thing
Done Somebody Wrong
Sailin’ Across the Devils Sea
Good Morning Little School Girl
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed


One Way Out
*Entire show with Jack Pearson

05/15/2005 tnjazzgrass

I think you got your wish…and then some!

03/31/2005 Holt

Gregg, Butch, Jaimoe please invite Jack Pearson to play on a few tunes at this show!

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