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Smirnoff Music Centre

October 8, 2004

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Black Hearted Woman
20 – Statesboro Blues
30 – Midnight Rider
40 – Woman Across The River
50 – Desdemona
60 – You Don't Love Me
70 – Soulshine
80 – The Same Thing
90 – The Sky Is Crying
100 – Blue Sky
110 – Dreams
120 – Mountain Jam
130 – Encore
140 – Whipping Post

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10/27/2004 DollarBill

I have Instant Live from Memphis 10-05-04. Would like to trade copy for copy for this Dallas show.

10/14/2004 bert2u

Smokin show.. crowd was definitely into it, thanks to Skynryd before hand.. Saw the last couple of songs that they did, then after 10 minutes of chants, Skynryd came back to do Freebird.. Nuff said..

Brothers came out went to town. Seemed pretty happy to be back in Texas, thanked the crowd many times, and then thanked them big time by playing Sky is Crying, Blue Sky, Dreams, Mountain Jam, Whipping Post.. Whew!! Helluva finish.. Had a friend that had never seen the Allman’s before, he was blown away.. Told him he saw something special with that finish..

Great way to end the day.. cool vibe at the show..