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Allman Brothers Band
Post-Gazette Pavilion

September 5, 2004

* Show times are best guesses, especially for older shows


10 – Midnight Rider
20 – Done Somebody Wrong
30 – Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
40 – Who's Been Talking
50 – Stormy Monday
60 – Dreams
70 – Rocking Horse
80 – Gambler's Roll
90 – Come On In My Kitchen
100 – Good Clean Fun
110 – Dreams To Remember
120 – One Way Out
130 – Statesboro Blues
140 – Mountain Jam
150 – Encore
160 – Layla

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Submitted by: Lana on: 09/01/2004


10/15/2004 TRMGDEAD

Long live the Star Lake and the Allman Brothers Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

09/13/2004 cdugger

Will trade copy of Jones Beach Instant Live. E-mail me at


09/08/2004 tedray

Amazing show, simply amazing. The run in the middle of the show, Who’s Been Talking, Stormy Monday, Dreams, Rockin Horse/Gambler’s Roll, was on a par with anything in the history of the band. Then the Mountain Jam and Layla encore were right there again. I’ve never heard Warren play guitar better, ever! Derek during those last 2 tunes was ——— jeez, I dunno, what adjectives describe him. I’m stumped. The drums soloed in One Way Out, very cool. The only way the show could have been any better would have been a second encore, they still had plenty of time til curfew.
On the way home to Columbus I was trying to place this one in my list of great ABB shows. It was easily the best I’ve heard since Dickey’s departure. Perhaps the best since ’95. Incredible. I was just starting to think that this had become a super-talented, tight blues band, that didn’t jam like the old days. Then they drop this show on me. Words don’t describe. Long live the Allman Brothers Band!

09/06/2004 RANDYGALVAN

Just saw something in the guest book about the attendance at Starlake (9-5). Saw a copy of Starlakes security & logistical info at the show & they were estimating 6,000. But just found that 18,000-20,000 were enjoying the concert. Perfect weather, no work that day or the next, & the BEST BAND IN THE LAND !!!!!

09/06/2004 dangerfield03

Last night was my first time seeing the Allman Brothers Band and it was the best concert I have ever seen. They are absolutely ridiculous. I got hardcore into them this summer then my gf told me she bought tickets for the show in Pittsburgh (where i go to school). So i was all hell yea. and although i didnt get to hear in memory of elizabeth reed it was all good.

09/06/2004 RANDYGALVAN

This band is so goddamn TIGHT!!!!! A long eve. for Warren for sure, Gregg wanted to do a second encore but Waren said “no way”. Gregg in fine voice (Stormy Monday). Blistering guitar work from both; but this Trucks kid is coming from outside the universe. His chord work is something so JAZZY & effortless that everything just flows around it. It looked like a larger crowd that was expected (6000). Only hope they come back next year with the same personnel. NO ALCOHOL LAST NIGHT just a little help from “mother nature”.